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Afternoon all, Just found this site this morning by purchasing a book from a local Charity shop. The book had a sticker on the inside of book cover and as I had not seen or heard anything on what the sticker was I looked it up :-) Now will be doing this for the books I am slowly (yes slowly its hard to get rid of books lol) letting go from my 2 overflowing bookcases.


Hi, and welcome! I looked at your bookshelf and was impressed to see that the book you found ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/3535042 ) had been in the wild for almost 12 years, so it's great that you found it. Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!


Thank you. Once I saw the label I just had to go to site and see where it had been. Its where abouts is a mystery tho. I have a few books I am in the process of selling and giving away/donating. After seeing this I thought what a good idea so have already printed labels and putting them on all give away/donate books. Will be interesting to see their journey.


Hi Teresa351, welcome to Bookcrossing. How nice you found this book as it brought you here. Have a look around the Fora to find out what BC is all about and if you have any questions, this is the place to ask.
Now will be doing this for the books I am slowly (yes slowly its hard to get rid of books lol) letting go

Yes this is not easy, we have all been there, just do it one at the time :-)


Thank you. It was nice to find the book and this site. Would have been even better if we knew where the book has been since 2006 till now :-). I need to get rid of some that I have read as i have a 6x4 and 6x3 bookcase both full (about 20 books on the floor in front hahaha). Its now if i really enjoyed it and would read again I will keep if not it has to go :-(. I only read actual books can't read an ebook its just not the same.


Glad to have you with us. :))


Thank you. Wonder how long it will be before i find another book :-)


I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.


Thank you. I hope so also. :-)



Welcome! Wow, 12 years, is that a record for a journal entry? Ah I have that too. And there will always be books I can't let go and some eventually after a year or so ;) I try to put them in boxes and put them away to see how I feel about releasing them. I must say, without bookcrossing I wouldn't let any book go, but now it has a good purpose :) And I also visit an obcz which often has books that aren't registered yet, so then I can do that for them.


Finding this site has certainly helped make it a little easier to let them go. More so my romance and general books. My true stories well thats another story they are my favourite and will take more to let them go :-). I am registering all the ones i have that i was going to sell or donate. I have decided that now it will be give away or donate and one day I hope to see one be found. I am still finding my way around here and I am sure there is a lot to find and learn :-)


I am registering all the ones i have that i was going to sell or donate. I have decided that now it will be give away or donate and one day I hope to see one be found.

I think that is a great idea, I think it makes it easier, because it has a good purpose. For me it helps and I enjoy this more than selling (and I probably wouldn't get a lot for selling it either, but that doesn't really matter). I hope we both will get a registered catch soon! I think the books are being read and enjoyed even without a journal entry (sometimes I check the place I left them), but it's way more fun when you can actually track it or can read a message from a happy finder. Oh well, the more books we release, the higher chance we will get a reply someday. :)

And if you release the books that you find not as good as the best, you have space for the really good ones. (And eventually maybe you're allowed to buy books again ;))


I am hoping I can get rid of books. Just deciding on where to leave or just advertise them on a buy/swap/sell type site for free or to donate. I do have some books that I am going to try and sell as they are new and with being out of work every little bit helps. Majority of books will be free.


BookCrossers in Brisbane have regular meetups

This is the site's meetup forum http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/22

If you use facebook, you could join the Australian meetup group- https://www.facebook.com/---/295033267352317/?... where monthly meetups are always posted in there.


Thank you, I will have a look at meetings and have requested to join the Facebook group. At present meetings will be tough to go to :-( as I am not working. I don't tend to go anywhere so I save fuel for interviews.


Welcome from Melbourne, hope you love it here. Good luck with reducing your number of books - that was my aim when I joined over 13 years ago, says me who continues to collect more books for this very addictive hobby.


Hi and Thank you. I have to reduce them as both bookcases are full and i have 20 or so to put in them. I am not allowed to buy more till i do :-( Lucky i have family who buy for my birthday and for christmas hahahahaha


Release Techniques

In addition, next time to head into the city, might be worth stopping in at Toombul Shopping Centre as there is a Little Free Library located out front of Heart Prints store (near the Vodafone)
Oh and also one at their store at Lutwyche City Centre too.
Also with LFL's they are one for one ie you can trade your books.


Thank you, I don't get to either of them very often (don't tend to go anywhere while not working unless its within walking distance). Will keep in mind tho. I would be happy to just leave books there at the moment rather than leave and take :-) If i just leave i may get my collection down haha


Hi and welcome to the exciting world of BookCrossing!
I love reading and I've released several books, but I haven't find any book yet... I think you've been very lucky.
Well, welcome again and have a good reading!


Thank you :-) I think i was definitely lucky. Not just for finding a book but finding this site. Now just exited about releasing books to see if any are found. Some I just can't release haha. I am a sook when it comes to my books and was trying to keep all from my favourite authors. Now i have got to the point of no room in my book cases so i have decided that if i enjoyed the book I will keep if i didn't its goes. Eventually i may release the ones i enjoyed also.


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