Tach und Glück auf aus Dortmund

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Hi ! Glückauf! being the greeting miners exchanged before going underground. It is still used hereabouts to underline belonging to the Ruhrgebiet.
I reanimated my BC- account because of Bordeaux (brace yourself, Bordeaux, we are coming) but I'm not much of a bookcrosser, only an appendix to Dracessa ;-)


leselotte 1 yr ago
Intro #2
For those who knit though, you will find me on ravelry.com as hoffmann.
As a cross over, I might release knitting books? Or what about releasing shawls into the wilderness? Proposals welcome.


Hello fellow knitter! I wondered about releasing a few knitting books too...maybe in places where people might knit...like waiting rooms or coffee houses or something. :) If you'd like to exchange knitting books, just let me know! Happy to share ! I'm on ravelry as MrsSloan :)


Hi leselotte, welcome back.
Maybe you develope a tast for BC when you're in Bordeaux and meet all these enthosiastic people.


There are many BookCrossers who are super-active, there are others who are active at times and "hibernate" at other times (some people tend to release books only while traveling or only during meet-ups for example).
I believe that's better than nothing but you may want to have a look on the RABCK or BookRings forums, maybe you'll get inspired and renew your interest on BC a bit.

I'm not into knitting but I've seen lots of people here who are keen on the hobby, so maybe you could try contacting them and even exchange some related books with them (if you lurk on the forums a bit it's easy to find out each "screen names'" hobbies and much more lol)


Welcome Back!



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