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KatieWtrans 1 yr ago
Hi I'm Katie and I'm transgender and I have recently formed a book club in Herts England .
I have done 4 Bookcrossings so far and I love it , I don't know why but I find it really exciting .
I also add a small message about myself and the fact that I am promoting and supporting the Beaumont society transgender support group since 1966


wingMoemwing 1 yr ago
Hello Katie
Welcome aboard, I'm glad you found us!


Welcome to Bookcrossing. I hope you like it as much as we all do.
Good luck on you releases. If you get an journal entry from the person who found one of the books, that is where the fun really starts. Enjoy.





wingGoryDetailswing 1 yr ago
RE: Hi
Welcome, from New Hampshire USA! Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!



I hope you like BC as much as I do! :)



Welcome to BookCrossing. I joined October 1 and I’m loving the community here! Happy to hear you love it too!




Hi thanks for all the lovely messages if anyone would like to contact me semd me a message xxx


Psssssst, It's not customary to put your email address here.
Bookcrossers can reach you by Personal Message (PM)


Ok thanks for the tip , I'll remove it xxx


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