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my name is Markus and I'm living in Leipzig. The first time I learned from bookcrossing was a few jears ago in bavaria. I saw a book in the puplic bookshelf of my professional school with the bookcrossing stickers on it, but I has not read it and no replay left.
Now I'm think ist good way to give my read book a new life.
I find it exciting to be able to keep track of who still has my books read.

Best Regards
Markus alias Mtronixx


Welcome to Bookcrossing. Have a look around the Fora to find out more about us. There even is one in german. You might also like to try out the FAQs under the information button, on the right side on your screen.
Have fun and may we here from you often.






alhamdulillah 1 yr ago
hi :)


There are a whole lot of active bookcrossers in Leipzig.
Just in cas you want to book hunting or you want to meet bookcrossers- both should work in Leipzig :-)


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