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Hello all -

This is the librarian at the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco, California. I have a personal BookCrossing account that I started a month or two ago (@thingamabrarian), but it occurred to me - I've been releasing most of my books on the free book shelf we have here at the museum, near the brochures for other local attractions. Why not make the museum an Official BookCrossing Zone? We're a newish museum, so the more maps we can get on, the better! Anyway, if you're in San Francisco and need a book or two and a cool, unique little museum to visit, come on by!


That's wonderful! Welcome - and best wishes for your new OBCZ! (It's been ages since I was in San Francisco, but if I get out that way again I'll definitely stop by your museum.)


Thanks! I hope you make it out here. There's tons of bookish stuff to do.


Hi ABM OBCZ. Congratulations. I hope you get lots of visitors.
Good luck.


Great idea! Good luck with the OBCZ. :))



I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.


hesiodo66 1 yr ago
Do You acept a book in spanish for your OBCZ?
I can send you by mail.


Sure! (This is the librarian writing from her own BC account). There's a large Spanish-speaking population in our area. It'd be lovely if you felt like sending us something. Thank you!


send you one soon!!!!!


hesiodo66 1 yr ago
i see
the address is clementina street...


is enough to indicate "bookcrossing"????
Or send me a pm if i have to indicate your name.


You can address it to the Librarian.


hesiodo66 1 yr ago
the book started its travel!!!!!!!


on its way to you. It's Sue Henry's book, "The Refuge" which is book #3 in her four book series (Maxie and Stretch Mystery.) I've read and enjoyed all four books in this series. The last book in the series is "The End of the Road." Sue Henry regrettably passed away in 2013 so that book really is the end of the road for new writings of hers. Although, she's left behind some fun reading for all of us.

Here's hoping your bookshelf project will be a fun success for you.


This seems like a nice little museum. Been all the way across the Pond makes it unlikely I could pop up for a visit anytime soon, but still....

Do you have lots of space on your exhanging book's selves? Do people use them a lot? I could send a few random books in English and other languages to get the zone started and I'm sure other people could do the same if you think it's necessary... Let me know and Happy Book Crossing!


We have a single shelf, but it's mostly just two of us here stocking it (we both get a lot of book swag from conferences - she's a writer, i'm a librarian). And we're new enough that it's hard to say how much use it gets. A steady trickle, I 'd say. If you feel like sending something I won't refuse it, but we can also manage without:)


I think it would be fun to send a few books and see how it goes. I will try to get my act together till the end of the month and make a parcel with books less likely to be found around the US. Maybe some local authors from my country or other less known authors or something. I'll contact you in a few weeks and see how it goes : )))


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