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SamanthaH1992 1 yr ago
Hey, I'm Samantha :) I'm new to the site and joined today because there was a book crossing sticker in the front of a book I'm reading.


Take your time to find your way around the site. All the way on the bottom you'll find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


glad to have you with us...
Discover the excitement of releasing books, check out the various aspects of bookcrossing and should you have questions, just ask.
We are friedly people ☺


I hope you enjoy BookCrossing! :))


wingweederwing 1 yr ago
RE: Hey!
We're very happy to see you here. It's a terrific spot for booklovers! We use three ways to disperse our books; Wild Release-leave the book for any one to find, Controlled Release-give or mail the book to a specific person, and sending books as RABCK's (Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness) which is giving or mailing a book as a gift-no book expected in return. Some may use only one method to disperse books while others may use two or all three of these. Occasionally, a member will request one of your book but you can say, "Sorry, but no."

What are some of your favorite genres? Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Historical novels, Cozy Mysteries, Animal stories, or Adventure, etc. What languages do you read?

The site may seem complicated at first but reading through the FAQ's is helpful and you'll learn as you go along. Remember we were all new members at one time, too.


I hope you enjoy it here.


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