book scavenger and its work of spreading the word

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book scavenger is the first book in a series by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman who came up with the idea of combining geocaching and book crossing to make book scavenger. How many people started book crossing after reading the book? I for one did. I thought book scavenger seemed really cool, and i read about the authors idea, and my family started this because that book was amazing. Everyone should read it. Thanks J.C. Bertman!!!


I did! But a bunch of people chose the Book Scavenger website over BC.


I did too! I joined the game a little late though, so at this point the Book Scavenger site seemed pretty dead; but they had a link that led me here! I thought the book was really cute, and loved the idea behind it. I hadn't heard of BC before, but am so happy that Bertman is promoting it on the Scavenger site so that more people can encounter its awesome-ness!


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