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Book crossers,

I am just curious to know, what are some of the spots where you have had most success releasing books? List your favorites.



I've never seen any pattern in where I get catches at all. Of course I've probably gotten more over the years at places where I've left quantities of books, rather than just one or two, but other than that, it's always a surprise when one gets caught. I have no release spots that I'm confident will result in catches at all.



Thanks for the response!


I find that places where people are surprised to find a book lead to a higher catch rate. OBCZs and book exchange shelves come with very low catch rates; hanging a book from a tree next to a hiking trail will typically result in better chances of a journal entry.
Of course, it all depends on how you define success! If by 'success' you mean making someone happy, then some of my best releases have been when I gave books to homeless people. Catch rate: zero.


Thanks for the response!


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