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Having returned to Bookcrossing after a long long absence I decided to give designing my own labels using the sites custom label creator. It seemed reasonably simple with only three steps....I chose the template, selected a photo and a short caption.

Template - Portrait top
Image - Me in all my hirsute glory
Caption - "Off Courtney's Shelf"

Choosing the Portrait top worked
My image showed in the tray below the template
The caption showed in the template under where the image would be,

The problem lies in that when I click on the image in the tray it "Highlights it" (the area surrounding the image darkens, It does not however populate the template, When I click review and submit it simply gives me a warning to select a template, image and caption.

It is broken. I've become increasingly frustrated. While I've printed out some generic BC labels/plates and some of the beautiful offerings from others BXers I want my own labels

Any help would be appreciated. I am not, despite my age; computer illiterate having cut my digital teeth on a military tactical computer system nearly forty years ago as a nuclear target analyst. Three steps! Easy!

I've somewhere approaching 500 titles to register and release and this is beginning to bug me. I can register the titles but I want to be able to register and label in one step instead of having to maintain a list awaiting labeling.


There have been reports of recent problems with the custom-label pages; see this thread:

I don't know if it's a recent problem, possibly due to the current bout of site tweaks that our founder has been making in an attempt to make the site more friendly to handheld devices, or if it's a configuration issue - the label-maker uses Flash - or something else.

I do recall that there was a accept-these-terms checkbox somewhere in the label-creation process, one that I found hard to see at first; until I found and checked it I couldn't proceed. It's possible on some devices/screen-sizes/browsers that it might be off to the side or bottom of the screen, so do try scrolling a bit to make sure you aren't missing any required fields.

But if that doesn't help, it may be a new bug; check back in here, or use the "Bugs" forum to report it, and it should be addressed.


Yes, this sounds a lot like the other problem that Gory mentioned.
So I'll give the same answer, as it applies here too:

The trouble with the custom bookplate creator is that it's a Flash object, which is sort of like a black box: it's made in a different technology than the rest of the site, and very hard to troubleshoot. It was made for desktop and laptop computers, I don't know how mobile friendly it is.
Can you try a different browser and/or a different computer? That is generally the easiest way to solve this kind of problem.


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