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And that's a LOT of challenges !! Keep up your strength :o) and good luck with the sorting.


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I bought 8 large bags o' books last week at a library sale and was given 3 big boxes of free books by a friend the same day. They have stayed in my car and trunk and today I started sorting them out. I'm about half way through, but have no more room in my house so the rest will stay in my car for now.

So far I've started or added to stacks for the Be Sensible Challenge; the Into the Wild Wild Release Challenge; the One Word Title Challenge; the June Bride Challenge; the Talk Like a Pirate Challenge; the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Challenge; the Tick Tock Challenge; the Halloween Challenge; the Food and Wine Challenge; the Oh the Places You Can Go Challenge; the Valentines Challenge; the Backyard Bird Count Challenge; the Garden Challenge; the Four Elements Challenge; 3 monthly themes of the Ultimate Challenge; the Never Judge a Book by Its Cover Challenge; the Movie Challenge, and a few miscellaneous books that I might want to read or will give away for an as yet unknown Challenge.

ETA: and I think I forgot the You're Such an Animal Challenge

Do you save books for upcoming Challenges too?

ETA: Hint. Halloween Challenge coming up in October. (Last year's post: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/523584 )

Start saving now! : )


Do you save books for upcoming Challenges too?

Oh, heavens, yes - but not nearly on the scale that you do! I generally designate a section of bookshelf for specific challenges - and then run around trying to find more qualifying books once the challenges actually begin, sometimes losing track of the ones I'd set aside {wry grin}.


Do you save books for upcoming Challenges too?

I DO try to save books for upcoming Challenges and already have some for your upcoming 2016 Spook-tacular Halloween Challenge! ; ) Like you, I am OUT OF ROOM now though, and don't know WHAT I'd do if I had another 8 bags and 3 boxes like you!


several large book donations. including one yesterday that filled the trunk of my car! I also find it fun to sort through the books and label them with Bookcrossing labels. They then go into my Little Free Library. I've started doing challenge releases this year, but I can only handle one challenge a month. Otherwise it's too much bookkeeping and not enough BookCrossing. :D


And that's a LOT of challenges !! Keep up your strength :o) and good luck with the sorting.


One challenge a year... The Animal Release Challenge...

Otherwise Akron's The Rubber City Book Posse does many (5 - 7) releases a year AND I have 3 LFL's that I donate to on a regular basis... Library sales are my friends!


I was given two big (over 6 feet tall) bookcases lately and somehow managed to squeeze them into my place. I've emptied 6 boxes and 1 bag already and have started 21 stacks for upcoming Challenges on the bookshelves, labeled with yellow post-its.

So, still having fun sorting books!


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