Wiboo: app bookcrossing for the same DB

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Hi, i'm an Italian, My name is Marko Morciano. I'm Dr. in Communication and Marketing. My thesis was marked on a mobile application for the bookcrossing that I have created and designed myself, helped in the development by another graduating student of the Faculty of Engineering. Always the University of Rome.

Wiboo is the name of app. I'd like ask to you, if it were possible to use your DB books, for creating a unique DB, rather than competitor.

I attend for your response and i I ask you to excuse me if I'm wrong section.

Kind Regard,

Marko Morciano.


wingMoemwing 4 yrs ago
Are you the same person who made the app that is called 'Bookcrossing' but is not actually made by or for BookCrossing.com?


Yes, i sent email to you in July. The app name is Wiboo.


wingMoemwing 4 yrs ago
RE: RE: Hello!
The app name is Wiboo.

I'm confused. I asked about an app named Bookcrossing, you said "yes that is mine", and then you tell me your app is named Wiboo.

Is it named Bookcrossing or Wiboo? It can't be both.

In any case, I passed your message on and our programmer is now reading along.


My app name is "Wiboo: bookcrossing" OK?

Thanks for your response


wow it would be wonderful!!!


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