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Sorry if this isn't the best spot for this thread, but I've been looking through as many user-created labels as I can find (yes, I've seen the threads of them), but there are a couple types I haven't seen. And I have no artistic skills at all! So I figured I'd request what I'm hoping for and someone more talented could take a shot. :)

-more YA labels (all I ever see are ones for little kids)
-labels for girl's books (American Girl series, dealing with bullying, etc.)
-bilingual, but simple, labels (I'd especially like Hebrew/English, living in a very Jewish area)
-health/fitness labels (clip art of yoga poses, illustrations of a nurse or pills, etc.)

What kind of labels are you looking for?


Not exactly what you're looking for, but I did find some labels in Hebrew only:

Maybe you could put two labels in - one in English & one in Hebrew.


Also, you might actually want to put this in the User Created Labels thread ( ) - that way if anyone is able to grant your requests they'll be where other people can find them too. :)


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