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If you have book labels that you have created, please post a message here with a link.

ETA Moved at turbostitcher's request to Activist Only Forum.


boirina 10 yrs ago
Mine are here:

I've also created a new blog (nothing posted there yet, so I won't provide the link) where I will post links to all the labels I've created so far. I've thought that maybe this way it will be easier to find for people. The blog will be in English and every contribution will be posted as well.

I don't have time to start it now, because I'm going to Lisbon tomorrow (yesss... I've got tickets for the Leonard Cohen concert!) but I will start working on it sometime next week. Anyway, the labels will remain in my server. I'll only post the links to the blog.


> yesss... I've got tickets for the Leonard
> Cohen concert!)

OH, so jealous!


> > yesss... I've got tickets for the
> Leonard > Cohen concert!)
> OH, so jealous!



suomi link doesn't work Borina


I know. I forgot to remove the language links. Sorry.


ok just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't.

Thanks for all you've done to make labels avl in other languages. So important locally!


Here's Diamondlucy's:

and all-reich-ke's:

(German language.)


The dino link for mine doesn't work anymore since dino has changed its services.

Anyhow, some can already be found here:


especially the green plant ones- I'm glad I just replaced my ink cartridge. Thanks for sharing Lucy!



(oops, to late!)... have you tried something as simple as asking for what you want? Like, posted a Feature Request asking that the links would be put back?


> (oops, to late!)... have you tried
> something as simple as asking for what you
> want? Like, posted a Feature Request
> asking that the links would be put back?

Maybe support can move this thread to Feature Requests, where it probably belongs?


Try this link for even more labels than were listed on the site


I have purchased a book bag, key fop and wings, & my sister bought me a book bag, hat and label pin for xmas, however, I would never buy the labels but have purchased the bookstamp, I really don't think member labels cut into bcing.


Moved at turbostitcher's request to Activist Only Forum.

If you see a label you like, you need to click on it to get the large image THEN right click and save.

PLEASE NOTE: the thumbnail will not save in this way.

Some (not all) of these labels have "Released by fairy-whispers in Rockhampton, Qld Australia" printed on them. Feel free to erase this and replace it with your own details. If you don't know how to do this, just PM or email ( your user-name and area along with the details of which labels you want and your email address (this is so I can send the labels to you and I won't keep it once it they are sent. If you don't want me to know your email, you could create a temporary yahoo,gmail or hotmail account) and I'll fix it up for you.

Edited to fix apalling spelling :-)



Thank you :-)


Yes, they are! I saved several of them.



I'm so glad I finally spotted this thread. Thanks for sharing


I just want to add my two cents and say "thanks a bunch" too. These labels are great and I'm glad so many people are getting creative and sharing them.


I haven't uploaded everything yet, but some of it is there:

Also, I have changed the layout of my label page, and now there are several pages. It was too much in one page. The link is still the same.



Most are in Dutch, but all in all you'll find labels in six languages here:
Links to other member made labels:


so that there are links to my website, and to the label blog, which is up and running now.


winkide 10 yrs ago
German Lables
Find my german labels here:

Also some in french and english going to have to buy more books (shame!) so I can use some of your beautiful labels..well done to you all.


There are some beautiful labels here, such a creative lot bookcrossers are!
Maybe the wrong place to ask, but what is a book spiral? Rays and rings I know, but spirals are new to me since I was last active in the forums.


> Rays and rings I know, but spirals are new
> to me since I was last active in the
> forums.

From the FAQS which you can reach from a link at the bottom of every page:

A Bookspiral (or Book Spiral often in the forum) involves ringing or raying a series of books (such as the Stephanie Plum mysteries or Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books one at a time, passed in order to the participants so that when participant one finishes with a book, it is passed to the next participant, and the next book in the series passes to participant one, and so on.

And welcome back!

I am trying to post all the ones I made, but I am really lazy...


I didn't make the small front labels, but I downloaded them once and put them up there for others who can't find them anymore. I also have some stickers, labels, and bookbands that I did make (other than the Ballycumber art, which I borrowed from various sources). You have to scroll down--the link is in the right column under the blog archive.


I love the idea of your bookbands, I'm going to try these out! Thanks!


I love the idea of your blog and your labels have come in useful. Thank you x


wingPlum-crazywing 10 yrs ago


...designed them. They say "free as a bird" & had white birds on a black background & black birds on a white bcakground. The same site also had some lovely labels with sunflowers on.

I've been on all the above (& printed plenty off thnaks!!!) but can't find these again....can anyone help?


found them on wanderingwords they are ;o)



Amazing - thank you wanderingword!


Hi, thanks so much! They are prefect!


These are great--I'm using them!


Glad you like them!


thank you grubsneerg for the labels on your blog i have been looking for them everywhere i saw them when i caught somebodys book and had to find out where now i know they are different it was very helpful that you put what label sizes aswell thank you again im going to use the book band aswell



Using different label designs has been fun- thanks to all for sharing their creativity and computer know-how!


afj 9 yrs ago
Great stuff! Thanks. I'd been looking for some 2 x 4 labels!




and thanks to all for sharing, I have downloaded and saved a few diff labels, I need to learn a bit more before I can make my own on the pc, but I recently retired so I guess I will have time to learn now....


Ages ago, I printed out some labels that said something along the lines of "Now that you've read the book, I hope you'll enter your comments at" There was also a space for writing the BCID #. Now I've used them all up, and I don't remember where I found them. Any suggestions? I'm not totally computer-literate, and it takes me too long to create labels like that on my own!


Did you print them out without saving them? If not, you may still have the file on your computer somewhere.
It's generally clever to save files like that for later use, since webpages migrate and sometimes die.


I have some that say "What did you think? Make a journal entry at" and then there is space for the BCID. They fit on the return address labels (80 to a sheet). I uploaded them to my blog. Feel free to take a look:


Thanks, grubsneerg! Sorry for the delay--holidays do get in the way. I love your end-of-book labels and will definitely use them.


aleighjones 10 yrs ago
new labels


mssaver 10 yrs ago
Re: new labels
Wow! These are gorgeous, aleighjones!



Lots of labels in the files section of the group


Details and download link on TheLostBook's bookshelf:

The Lost Book is a collaborative adventure in storytelling involving a lot of BookCrossing.



I like some of these especially because they are smaller, and use less tape! (the Odyssey and ChickLit ones, especially).


I would love some of your lovely labels. In return I would like to send you some home made bookmarks. if you would like them. Thank you junequeensland


I love the fact that these have where the book was originally registered on them



You're absolutely right. They are magic.


I've had a lovely time browsing, adding some to my memory stick as I'm sure I'll forget which link has which labels and I even found an old favourite.


Has anyone made or seen some labels with a sort of Christian feel to them? I've just been given a bunch of Christian books and would like to label them with something like this.

Thanks to all who make their labels available!


They have a dove with an olive branch in its beak, and a little Ballycumber hanging from that, circling the globe. They are in my label sampler on my blog: If you like, I do have them 10 up on a sheet of 2 x 4 labels and I can send you a PDF...


Thanks very much, I have sent you a pm.

Anyone else?


I came across it once when trawling through user-created labels, but stupidly didn't get it on my computer, and lost the link as well. Tried to find it today in a hurry for this weekend's BC table at a big recycling event, and couldn't. Can anyone help? We could still use it tomorrow...

But anyway, thank you all for so many beautiful and creative labels! BC Helsinki collected a demo folder for the Finnish BC General Meet last summer, and we are still adding to it. Just looked through it today - what a great inspiration.


that could be downloaded and resized through TexasWren's site


Made these some time ago - they're labels that are in both Malay and English, as well as some filler stickers that you could cut out if printed on sticker A4 sheets.

These are sheet of 4 labels in Malay...


Hey everyone,

Sorry I'm late into the game...I have a free bookmark design over at my site:

Let me know what y'all think of it!




are here:

You'll notice some "extra" space at the left side of most labels. Did that because I wanted tall labels and since I often have them printed by a photo service, I needed something to prevent automatic resizing.
Working on labels without the extra space and will make a printer friendly version as well.
Happy BookCrossing and...*meow* :)


Beautiful - MissMarkey brought some of your labels back for me from the NZ Christchurch Conventon! I'm saving them for 'special books :)


> are here:

these are lovely, can do them in PDF form?


I love your cats, Xamantha! :D




Feel free to take a look:


The kids' labels are great! I've saved them to my collection.


and your Shiver Me timbers! You found a Treasure! kids label is perfect.

Thanks, grubsneerg.


I fixed it and the new PDF is up on the blog, so if you downloaded them before 1 p.m. E.D.T. today, you may want to download them again. Proofread, proofread, proofread! ;)


> I just added a kids' labels sampler to my
> blog.
> Feel free to take a look:

Do you mind if I print some to give away? I love your designs.


> Do you mind if I print some to give away? I love
> your designs.

Thank you! I don't mind at all. I'm working on another label sampler that includes a Christmas label or two. I hope to have it uploaded in the next couple of days. :)


In the right column under the blog archive, 2nd link down: BCID labels sampler 2.


Thanks so much for these fun samplers! I like them because they're bright, and they're not too big (don't use as much tape).




I didn't know about this forum, so I posted these elsewhere and was pointed here by GoryDetails!

I wanted to share with you lot the pirate-themed labels I made for my own books in case anyone was looking for something like this!

You can view and download them here:


~Captain Mad Ange


Very cute! Nice job :)

(I need to check with ghir before I provide a download link for the ones with her photos, though.)

Edit: ghir said ok, so I'll add the download link for those labels too.

Oh, and if the links are broken, send me a PM.


Thank you so much!


Feel free to take a look:


A suggestion... would you consider taking the 'first' out of 'first registered by'? I think it's just a tad misleading - really, only one person ever registers a book. I like these a lot and plan to use them.


... because sometimes someone other than the last one to release it has registered it and it's cool to see where it was "first." I understand your concern, though. It could lead people to think they need to add a label with their name on it, I suppose. I'll take it under advisement. :)


> ... because sometimes someone other than
> the last one to release it has registered
> it and it's cool to see where it was
> "first." I understand your concern,
> though. It could lead people to think they
> need to add a label with their name on it,
> I suppose. I'll take it under advisement.
> :)

I think that the confusion, leading to unnecessary "re-registrations" by newbies is why the Supply Store stopped using the "first" on labels. It's only registered once, after all. First released might be different, but on ly one registration.



LOVE the detective ballycumber!!!! Thanks!! :D


So ok, this makes me think of something new. What if you had a larger label with multiple lines. The first line would say who registered it, then the lines below would be of others who had their hands on the book. Concord Free Press does this by printing lines in the backs of the free books they give out - you write your name in when you read it. Hmmm.


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