Have you been Wung? Post here!

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winghippoleinwing 10 yrs ago
Thank you
hoping this is not another glitch, I wanted to thank my mysterious plusser!
Thanks a lot, and if they would disappear again (did it already once today), no hard feelings...


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And I'll remain circling all over the 90th anniversary of the RAF's birthday on 1st April too!
Now - was that Cari? Bless you who ever you are!


wingFiregirlwing 12 yrs ago
Was I wung?
I can't tell if I was wung or if there was a glitch! I noticed my wings were fading the other day and so I made a quick little donation to brighten them up a bit. When I checked to confirm the new experiation date, though, it was 2 months in the future instead of one! I've no idea if someone wung me the same time I did it myself or if there was a hiccup in the system.

So if you wung me, thank you!


I just realized that the posted expiration date of "5/3" must stand for May 5 and not March 3,
so I have extra high-flying time :) Thanks, somebody…


> I just realized that the posted expiration
> date of "5/3" must stand for May 5 and not
> March 3, so I have extra high-flying
> time :) Thanks, somebody…

Jeepers! Me too!! Yeah, thanks to whoever is responsible for this!!!



Some kind person has extended my wings for another month - thank you so much, this is one dragon who loves flying!


...that I needed to renew them. I logged on on Easter Sunday and there were my wings, fully refeathered and flapping away again, with an expiration date a full 2 months away! Thank you, mystery winger, whoever you are! (I've noticed that this has happened to several people lately. I suspect that someone is watching out for fading wings and doing the RABCK thing!)


with me and with the one I bought some for it did a two month prolonging for 5$ instead of just one!!!!!!!!!!!


My wings were about to expire, when I submitted an article to the newsletter. I also told a few people about my 3 year running nonfic bookbox, and I'm not sure if a bookbox member gave me wings, or the site for submitting the article? In any case,it's pretty cool!!





I did buy some stickers at the supply store but I see that my wings don't run out until June. If I've been wung in addition to the shop wings then thank you very much!


asa-swe 12 yrs ago
I have rings!
I have no idea who ringed me, but I'm thrilled!! Thank you sooo much!



mrsordonez 12 yrs ago
yup yup
I got wings, and I can't figure out who. Thanks mystery winger!


Would whoever did it please come forward, so I can thank you personally.


to whomever blessed me -- I was feeling down and this picked me right up

blessings to you


I don't know WHO wung me, but THANKS! I'm going to have some fun now... :)


Don't know who did it, but I just noticed my wings are lasting even longer! Thank you SO much, mystery winger!! Please step up and make yourself known!


instead of hopping like a frog. Thank you whoever you are for lifting me up in more ways than you will ever know.


not only that my wings are good for 2 months!!! Means I can fly into summer!! Thankyou!!!


and made me SO glad! Thank you!!!!


Thank you.

PS - Do wings automatically go for two months now, or did I get double-plussed?


I just noticed that I have wings! or rather Antlers! I was such a sweet surprise! A huge thank you to the kind book crosser who has just made my day!


I see that I am extended by two months, so someone must have plussed me for a month as well.

Thank you, oh mysterious plusser.


Actually I have been 'rosed' - which is very appropriate! LOL!!

Thanks so much to my mystery 'roser' :-)



I just noticed my wings have been extended for another month. Thank You!


I thought it was time to renew and I just looked at my expiration date and it is now in June!


And I know exactly who to thank :)


What a surprise !!!!Thank you but who made me soar and wishes me luck????


MyssCyn, I won wings from you in a draw, about a month ago. Today I noticed that they don't expire until July. Did you wing me for two months, or did someone else extend them? Whichever one it is, thanks!


to 4 leaf clovers without me doing anything and not expiring till August!! thankyou thankyou whoever you are!!!!


Plussed is such a cute term and conjures up all sorts of story lines.
Thanks so much to the kind soul who extended my members plus wings.
I'd been watching the end date so carefully too.
If the $US keeps falling I plan to get a year's supply but will wait until just before we head overseas in July.


they are there again in their full glory.
Who, why, what?? Thank you so much it's makes me very happy.


Wow! I just noticed I have wings.. where did they come from? Thanks to whoever send them my way!! (I'm afraid they'll be as addicting as the rest of the site.. now I'm going to have to make sure I keep them ;-)

Thank you mystery-winger!


Thanks so much, mystery winger. Your kind and generous gesture is much appreciated.


We logged in today to discover we have been plussed! Thank you so much, kind benefactor :)


A generous individual? Or system-generated for folks who post a lot (a/k/a WON'T SHUT UP!)? Either way - thanks!


Many thanks, whoever it was!!! I'm so excited, I've never been plussed before! :-D



Tears in eyes, now off to change them ...






Entirely unexpected (and I fear totally unjustified for anything) but thanks to whomever!


Unless I am mistaken, my wings (from a supply store purchase) should expire in late August, but instead say late September. Thank you very very much to my mystery winger!


I know who did it and BIG HUGS for 'em all.


Second graders in cbostler's school class received a month of Member's Plus
from a generous, mysterious friend. Thank you! There are so many choices for fun name decorations that appeal to seven and eight-year-olds. Frankenstein, devil horns, soccer balls, dogs... how cool!! A vote was taken, and the Eagles will wear a skull & crossbones first.


gymnastic team! Thank you, thank you, whoever just put a permanent smile on my face :-D. My Union Flags will be waving for Team GB during the Olympics ;-) Sorry, Dutch friends, but I'll shout for your team, too. Hmmm - Olympic rings would be a more tactful "wings" emblem. Which forum do I need to suggest that in?


> Hmmm- Olympic rings would be a more
> tactful "wings" emblem. Which forum do I
> need to suggest that in?

Don't bother, those rings are completely and utterly trademarked.



I really appreciate this, it was a lovely surprise! Thank you!




Thank you, O Generous Benefactor! :-)


PokPok 12 yrs ago
Wing extension
I wung myself for a year, but this morning when I went to check the expiration date, it was for 13 months from now. I think someone snuck another month in on me! (And I have a guess, I wonder....)



I had something of the same!


Was wung a couple of weeks ago but didn't discover this thread until today.

Thanks also to the previous 2 anonymous wingers who were kind to me in the past.


ETA: found out who it was! I appreciate this so much, Cassiopaeia.


I just noticed that my missing wings have been restored! I have no clue who the generous person (or people) are, but they have my thanks!


Thank you to the anonymous person who renewed my plus membership.


I just noticed I had wings, so a big "THANK YOU" to whoever it was.



awww....I just looked at my page today, and saw someone renewed my wings again !
I knew they were supposed to expire end of October , and was feeling a bit sad as I can never afford to get them ,
then I see they are renewed for another month ! wow
thank you sooooooooooooooo much , svoight, you've brought tears to my eyes (seriously)
I wish you were here, so I could give you the biggest , tightest hug I am able



thank you, thank you, thank you, whoever you are!

I'm so excited! My first wings!!

Is there anyway to find out who my mystery wing-er is? I'd love to say something nice to them personally or do something for them in the future.

If you don't want to be known, that's fine too!

Thanks again!


Go on, who was it?!



suedo 12 yrs ago
I just bought 4 months of wings and I seem to have been given an extra years worht. Should I be thanking someone or letting BCSupport know they made an error?


wingMoemwing 12 yrs ago
Re: Query
> Should I be thanking someone or letting
> BCSupport know they made an error?

Erm... how would we know? Both are entirely possible.
If you can't sleep because you're fretting about this, I'd send a message to the Store Manager and ask if anyone gifted you with wings for a year. Perhaps she can look that up. I'm not sure, though.


Now, I have to go figure out how to individualize these wings. Also, do I get to keep them? For how long?



see the political ads anymore too. I'm very excited.



I've only just found this thread - but I'd like to say thank-you to whoever 'winged me' back in August. THANK-YOU!!!

I offered a RABCK to celebrate at the time!



Well, the expiry date on my wings has increased by FOUR months...so thank you so much whoever you are!


I find myself with these odd appendages and wonder who could have put them there? When did this happen? And why on Earth would anyone think that I deserve such a thing?

A thank-you to this mysterious, kind, and obviously addled individual!


Thank you for the pink ribbons.I'm delighted. Did you know I am sad?
Who,what Why?


Somehow I felt like you needed them...


I have been given some wonderful wings . Thank you thank you
I will change them into hearts for you. Whoever you are.


Thanks a lot KarenBC. You made my day. :)


What perfect timing -- it expires at the end of the year now.

Thanks so very much, whoever you were.


Yesterday my wings (I had wings and then switched them to stars in memory of Yellow-Star) were fading and set to fall off (which I knew). Today when I arrived they were brighter than ever.

Thank you, Mystery Plusser. :D


I love my new poppies!


Just realized my wings don't expire until January! Thank you mystery winger


Just now! I was clicking the back button trying to find some post that I had read earlier this morning and suddenly I had wings. I thought for a minute I had clicked right back to when I actually had them! :D

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to bits!


In terms I can't understand them.

On my computer it says they'll expire on 11/18/2009. On my mum's the year is 2008. And a few weeks ago the dates were different but the years the same.


But thanks again, anyway, cause what matters really is that I can fly now! :)



It just makes me want to send everyone some lurve, y'know? *hugs to mystery winger*


Thank you mystery winger, you are wing-ding-dazzledy-doo wonderful!


wingFiregirlwing 12 yrs ago
Well hey!
Just noticed my wings are going to last longer than I expected.

Thank you oh mystery granter of wings!


I have absolutely no idea who to thank! I have wings which expire in 2 months time and have no inkling as to my benefactor...
any ideas?
thanks any hoo.



rem_lawcere 12 yrs ago
I have bat wings now! :) Thanks whoever you are, and Merry Christmas.


I love having my hearts back!! Thank you so much!!!


:: adjusts antlers ::

Are they on straight?


Thanks to whoever extended my Santa hats for another month!



(also cross-posted on the Holiday Gift Giving thread)


I just moused over my wings, and see that there is an additional month added since last time I looked. Whoo hoo and thanks!


I've been wung and plussed many times, always trying to thank my Mystery Donors out on the forums (fora? fori? whatever)

Until this week, Newk found me floundering out there and gave me a polite nudge into this forum ... so THIS is where I say THANK YOU ...


Found out who Plussed me!!!!

Thanks, Newk!


> I've been wung and plussed many times,
> always trying to thank my Mystery Donors
> out on the forums (fora? fori? whatever)
> Until this week, Newk found me
> floundering out there and gave me a polite
> nudge into this forum. .. so THIS is where
> I say THANK YOU. ..

> *AND*

> Found out who Plussed me!!!!

> Thanks, Newk!

hey, I discover release challenges and try (YET AGAIN) to clear the house of some books, you discover previously mysterious parts of the site! good deal all round I reckon


I can't wait for someone to give me my wings. I'd be very appreciative.


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