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> Hmmm- Olympic rings would be a more
> tactful "wings" emblem. Which forum do I
> need to suggest that in?

Don't bother, those rings are completely and utterly trademarked.


Complete Thread
This is the thread to thank the wonderful person who gave you a pair of Wings, also known as a Plus membership.

"Say it loud...
I'm wung and I'm proud!" :-)

Many thanks to all the generous people who enable others to fly, and help Bookcrossing stay available to all of us.


last-unicorn 13 yrs ago
First! ^^
My wings should expire on 8/12/2007, but now I see they expire on 9/12/2007. If it's not a glitch in the system, I've been wung! ^^
Whoever you are... thank you!!!! ^^;;


Thank you very much. Now I have to learn to fly



I don't think I was drinking any Red Bull recently (Red Bull gives you wings!) so that means someone must have given me the wings! Thank you to whoever it was! :)


And saw that I've got wings for a few months. Thank you for whoever wung me!! :) I get to keep my pink ribbons on for another week, until after I complete the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. Yay!!!!



Thank you so much to who ever gave us wings!!!!

Obviously we had to choose the Shamrocks as we are based in Ireland!!!!

Thank you so much, mystery winger!!!!


chambejd 13 yrs ago
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, mystery-winger!! I would love to know who you are so I can thank you properly!!!

ETA: I just noticed that I have been given wings for TWO months!!! I'm in shock!! Thank you!!


And congratulations again on 10,000 books released!


I do appreciate it!



Whoever you are, you made my day! I've been saving up my $ for school which I start next week and haven't been able to buy supplies for a bit so this was such a thrill and is greatly appreciated.


I do love my fabulous blue wings though! Thank you, whoever you are!


((((((winger)))))) many, many hugs to you.


Littlemave 13 yrs ago
I'm wung!
And I have absolutely no idea who to thank!
Thanks, to whomever. =)


> And I have absolutely no idea who to
> thank! Thanks, to whomever. =)
Woohoo! Someone has done it again!

Many thanks to my 'winger' - will have to check out the different styles now.... =)


imuzak12 12 yrs ago
Thank you!
I just found that I had an extra flower on my name! Thank you!


My wings seem to be lasting more than a month - I'm loving them.
I'm going through a bit of a rough patch, so my bright shiny wings are making me smile every time I see them.


cafekat 12 yrs ago
Just noticed
that I have been gifted with two lovely cups beside my name.
Thanks to my mystery plusser!!!!


cestmoi 12 yrs ago
Re: Thank you!
Hey I have the Union Jack wings. Thank you to whoever gave them to me!



I was planning to buy some stuff in September but I get to play with all of the new features today, yay!


Fuzzmom 12 yrs ago
Re: I'm wung!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To whomever extended my wings!! I now can go to 2010 without stress. You have no idea how much that helps!Bookcrossing and our OBCZ at the Hesperia Library are a very important part of my life! I now can relax knowing my personal shelf will live on as well as our zone. ((HUGS)) to all!





Ive been blessed and am very grateful who ever you are.


Now I can whittle down my release zones, so I don't have to sort through every place I've ever left a book.

Edited: I found out who gave me wings.


Thank you, Most Generous Benefactor! :-)


No credit card :(


> No credit card: (

You don't need one, the Supply Store takes credit cards, Paypal, and checks.


> > No credit card: ( You don't need
> one, the Supply Store takes credit cards,
> Paypal, and checks.

I finally managed to get a credit card! It's hard to get credit in the UK.






Thanks you KimKerry.


Thank you to the generous (and anonymous) person who "plussed" me. Very much appreciated.


Funny how I usually have wings after having a short spell of not being able to keep my mouth shut *evil grin*


I had a little wish fairy tell me to check bookcrossing and what did I find waiting for me but a beautiful new set of wings! Thank you wish fairy!


I don't know who gave them to me, but I am thrilled!



you won by being the closest to my wild releases you guessed 1085 .I did 1091


I truly appreciate it!


I'm elated to have wings and more so that the option is bat wings, my quest! :) Thank you my mysterious benefactor!


I just came to update my profile on the Int'l Xmas card project and noticed my wings have been renewed.
Thank you, Thank you :* :)



T02S03B11D20 13 yrs ago


soleille 12 yrs ago
I'm high :o)
no chemicals needed :O)
On Tuesday we managed to convince the staff that one of the prettiest cafés is now our new OBCZ, the next day I found out I had sprouted wings - the boocrosser who did it fessed up, she had given me the wings from a joint supply store order - thanks Mondstina :o) - today I log in form work and see there's an extra month of quotation marks - thank you mystery winger! That'll keep my head in the clouds for a while!


Looks like the mystery winger(s) have been at it again. I just came in to place an order, and see that someone has blessed me with beautiful, fluttery butterflies. I see that I have 2 months instead of just one...does that mean that I've been gifted twice by one person...or once by 2 separate people?!? Either way, many THANKS for the lovely wings...they're greatly appreciated!!!



Thank you so much secret winger. Now I do not have to be jealous anymore with all the new little pictures next to the wings. I have my own


...and got an e-mail today letting me know that it has been accepted for future publication. The title is 'Returning to BookCrossing'. I also was awarded my first set of wings!



It's wonderful to know that being outspoken in the forums sometimes is appreciated :)




I was here earlier today, just my usual "pedestrian" self. Then I left to go for a walk and when I returned I was flying! How about that?! Thank you to my kind "winger" - you made my day!!

And I'm so excited about all the new choices...which ones will I pick...


I was so excited to see that some lovely person gave me wings. Please tell me who you are so I can thank you properly!


who gave me wings as part of her Angel release challenge.


I chose bikes this time for a traveling theme. Thanks for this, whoever you were!!


for my lovely new wings! Your book will be on it's way soon


> "Say it loud...
> I'm wung and I'm proud!": -)

No idea who it could be - havent logged in for a day or 2, and there they were. =)


Sometime last week I started flying. I'm so happy it makes me giggle. I LOVE to sort books by most recently journaled and missed it greatly. No one will fess up to giving them to me! (whine) so I'll say thank you here.




I discovered today that I have been wung. Not sure by whom or for what reason other than I just turned 40 :)


and winged me!

I am delighted to once again be supporting those with breast cancer by wearing my pink ribbons


Such a generous person you are!


I just got online and noticed I am a fluttering. Thank you, Mystery Winger!



Thank whomever! It was such a surprise to login and see bunny ears beside my name.


You were the wind beneath my new flappy things!


I was feeling down today until I just came into the forum to find I have wings! Fess up whoever you are!!


I feel like a book angel!! Yea, WINGS!


I'm not even sure when I got wung, because I already had wings... but just today I noticed their expiration date is about a month LATER than it used to be! :) Thank you!! I wish I knew who to thank!


Thank you!

I can be all antler-ish for another month. YAY!


Thank you mystery winger!


Finally a chance to try out more fun wings, and to change my release list.
I am releasing a bit at the moment in one area so its great to have that release location at the top of the list!!




Blessed be


It is a very special Xmas gift. ^_^


for drawing me as the winner of a wings for a month!!!!!


> for drawing me as the winner of a wings
> for a month!!!!!



To my mystery winger: thanks such a lot for my brand new wings! :D


And obviously I have no idea who it was! ^^' That's not fair, I want to know!!! ;_; :P
Thank you so much for making me fly! ^^;;


I don't know it was. In fact, I've participated in some raffles which have wings as prizes, but as far as I know, I didn't win any.

So whoever the person who has made me happy happens to be, I just want to say thank you (I hope you read this)

just out of curiosity...

Could you please consider the idea of stepping into the light so that I can thank you properly???

Many grateful thanks again --- from me to you



I <3 you!!



I so appreciate my cats being renewed!!!


I couldn't believe it when I looked up from doing release notes and noticed something wonderful had manifested from the ethers! Who is my benefactor??


but thank you so much for winging me! I really do love the spiffy yin yangs...and the plus features are very, very nice!



I was feeling my musicality quickly fading this afternoon, and now I return this evening to see that some kind soul has 'plussed' me. I'll gratefully say THANK YOU for allowing my music to flow again, as I twirl around & break into song... The hills are alive(MtTBR?!?), with the sound of music...



Thank to my mysterious friend.


(....as opposed to disgruntled *grins*...)




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