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I just noticed that I have wings! or rather Antlers! I was such a sweet surprise! A huge thank you to the kind book crosser who has just made my day!


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I found out quickly about the wings and enjoyed very much having them, but it took a bit longer to get to this thread.
Thank you for making me fly and a bunch of flowers for you! xx


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I just noticed that my wings had been extended for two months. Thank you so much, anonymous winger :)


Have just noticed my wings have been extended & I'll be flying for an extra 2 months. I don't know who gave me them or when but sending you a big THANK YOU :O)


msrubble 8 yrs ago
Thank you!
Thank you, mystery winger!


Big shout out to Newk for my wings of encouragement to return to BC - its been a little while but I'm back with towers of books, registered and ready to release and catch more...and meetup of course :) Thank you Newk!!!




I don't know who did it, but I thank him or her very much!


I do little anymore real BookCrossing -- yet some nice person gave me wings, er cars -- Thank you!


They look cute. :)


Just found this thread and although I've said thanks elsewhere am adding my thanks here too to my mystery winger. Much appreciated!!


Thank you so much to everyone who has "wrung me" over the years!


Thank you very much to the kind bookcrosser that gave them to me. :-)


It is a delight to see so many wings being gifted. And thank you, on behalf of Heather and Bruce for the wings bought for me. Together we can all keep the site flying. Thank you, thank you, whoever it was!



I'm not really sure when my wings re-appeared, or who might have gifted them to me, but here's a big "THANK YOU" to whoever was responsible!


My winger is awesome! Let me know who you are so I can thank you!


First with warm and fuzzy Santa hats and now Yoda ears ;) Thank you most kind and thoughtful person who did this!


I'm on maternity leave at the moment so don't have a huge amount of disposable income so it's a very kind gesture indeed. I don't know who you are, but I intend to pay it forward once I get back to work later in the year.


I love my new wings!


nice to see them shine again, thanks a lot!



I realised yesterday that I had been wung and posted in the RABCK thread
but I have only just found this thread.
I'm very grateful and would love to know who has been so kind - my wings are valid until October 2013, so it seems as thought I have been wung for 6 months and then again for 1 month - I'm not sure.

Please come forward whomever you are.


slb453 8 yrs ago
Thank you!
Thank you to the anonymous, kind person who gifted me a year's worth of wings! Wow! I appreciate it and I appreciate you!! Thank you! :)


vassilka 8 yrs ago
Thank you!
I just found this thread. I've got wings too! Such a nice surprise! Thank you so much anonymous winger:-)


DubaiReader 8 yrs ago
Thank you so much to the generous BookCrosser who gave me wings, what a lovely surprise!!
And cats too - couldn't be better!!


What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for making me fly, my secret winger.


Originally, jmsmom gave these beautiful wings. 4libros then extended their lives! Thank you for these wonderful gifts!


You're welcome, Collin, and thank you for the Easter blessing. I hope yours was beautiful and special, too. I'm working on a small project right now, which is taking most of my books. After that, that email you sent me will become more urgent. Thank you!


Megi53 8 yrs ago
April 7, 2013
I just noticed I've been "rosed". I may change the design to Dala horses when it's convention time.

Thanks to the anonymous person who started my afternoon off on a happy note!


LilyKlip 8 yrs ago
Thank you
to whoever made me fly! ;-)


I am not having a good time lately. My Internet is down, has been for a week, and still no end in sight. So I'm checking email, etc., from the library. How nice to sign into Bookcrossing today to find that some lovely person gave me wings!

Who was that masked man? I don't know, but I'd like to thank him.


I've been wung! What a wonderful surprise to find maple leaves have sprouted! It must be spring! Thank you so much mystery winger! I'll be sure to pass it forward too. :)


to whoever gave me the gift of wings.

I can now fly, light and happy, off to the book festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, on May 18, 2013...to the company of fellow Bookcrossers and bibliophiles (and one very pregnant family member).

I offer much appreciation for my new wings.


I see my beautiful yoda ears have returned!! Ive no idea who gave them me or why I deserve them but thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!


Your welcome! I hope you enjoy them :)


I was just editing my profile, and I noticed that the date for my wings is two months longer than I expected it to be. So, some kind soul (or two) must have winged me, and I appreciate it A LOT! While I do usually buy myself wings for a full year, any extension is always more than welcome. :D

So, THANK YOU, mysterious winger(s), whoever you are! :D


Many thanks!


Thank you to whomever!



Thank you to whom ever gave me those wings, only if lasts a month


I have just noticed my expiry date has moved on and I think it is at least 2 months.

One happy bookcrosser - thank you :)


Who ever gave me an extension, I am grateful.


Thank you to whoever gave me these! It was a pleasant surprise.



to whoever the kind BookCrosser was who gave me wings. I'm flying now!!

They're much appreciated.


NowINkA 7 yrs ago
Thank you,
whoever gave me the Wings!


Thank you, to the kind person who wung me! After a particularly rough week or so, with hardly any time to do the BCing stuff, it was such a nice surprise to log in and see my flags flying. And just in time for Canada Day too! Thank you! :)


Many thanks to whoever was kind enough to donate a pair of wings to me. These are very much appreciated.


I was able to fly back in!

Thanks to whomever it was.


Thank you, who ever you were! It brightens up my day.



I was wingless for a couple of days, but now I can soar again!


I was wingless for a couple of days, but now I can soar again!

Face it. You're loved.


Look at that...my wings have returned! Thank you to whoever paid for them.


Than you to my mysterious wing provider. I much appreciate your kindness to me as well as your support of BookCrossing.


Sporting a Santa hat for the Christmas season, thanks to some generous BookCrosser. Thank you.


just noticed my wings fly for the next 3 months, thanks a lot!


I have my wings extended for another month.

Thank you - It was a lovely surprise :)


So happy and excited to see I have wings again!!!!


Thank you ! :-)


Thanks to whoever gave me wings! It has really made my day :3



I have a mystery winger! I am so grateful. Thank you very much. I would really like to know who you are. :))


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