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I just noticed that I have wings! or rather Antlers! I was such a sweet surprise! A huge thank you to the kind book crosser who has just made my day!


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Well first it would be a good idea register and release a few books!

Welcome to BookCrossing! :)


I don't have the money to send them out, but I could relaese them into the wild. Couldn't that count?

Also, I can always be hopeful. You never know. Some kind person may give me one.


> I don't have the money to send them out,
> but I could relaese them into the wild.
> Couldn't that count?

Certainly it counts. It's the main activity that BookCrossing centers around and it's a great thing to do. But it won't guarantee that someone buys you a pair of Wings.
See, if someone does that, it's a gift and a surprise. You can't ask for a surprise, or it wouldn't be a surprise anymore!


I'm not asking. I'm just saying that if someone did give them to me, I would be greatful.

I can always be hopeful.


And I'm not begging for one either.


Besides, I am totally happy with my free account. All I'm saying is, if someone wants to give me one, that is totally up to them.


I came on the site only to discover "New wings expiry date: 04/17/2010 (151 days later than before or from now)." *Someone* extended my wings. 'Fess up, now!


Wow. Now that is really cool. There must be somebody out there that really likes you.


but me too me too!!! I was so excited after initial puzzlement as to why there was any reference to members plus on little ole me's shelf... and then noticed the glorious wings! Thanks so much... would love to know how they sprouted so unbeknownst to me, but thank you whoever!


maybe because I have two wings? (now I'm just giddy, must be the altitude).




Yesterday, I noticed that I had been plussed. I saw that I won a month's worth from Bliss1219 and I was thrilled!


Coincidentally, I had also just brought myself wings (musical notes), how's that for serendipity at work!!


For two months, thank you! I am especially happy to see them as it snowed today and no longer looks like spring here.

:: flutters wings gently ::


Just a small token of thank for the wings I received today.
Appreciating it really a lot!


> Just a small token of thank for the wings
> I received today. Appreciating it really
> a lot!
you are most welcome. Thank you for helping me celebrate.


I think I have quite a few people to thank for wings over the years here...though most never 'fess up. I think Rubberchicken gave me my latest wings :)




Thankyou, anonymous winger, I'm just having a quiet day with books .. bit of shelf sorting, bit of registering, pottering generally - then I notice my auto comment back on the registration page & suddenly I'm jumping up and down!! I even woke the cats up enough for one of them to open a bleary eye!!


One minute I was browsing the site wingless, the next minute - pop, there they were. I'm wondering who did it and why, but I thank you muchly anyway.


were you at the Convention in Christchurch? If you were then that's a clue!
All Conventioneers should have been plussed!


My wings were a gift from Sir Roy on St Patrick's day. We had a good laugh that I chose 4 leaf clovers instead of Shamrocks. They were both green. Now they're a sun and a moon. Thanks again!



When I was "wung" I thanked the person in the chit chat forum but not here so thank you mystery wung-er! You made my month! :-D



Mystery Stars-giver... you rock! Thankyou!!


I see the glitch that made the plus signs last for two months is fixed -- good, since May 25 is just about when I'll run out of labels (keeping fingers crossed that "Peace With Geese" will still be available then).

Thanks to whoever treated me to a PLUS membership!


I think there were two mystery wingers! Thank you so much.


I renewed my membership today and noticed that I had an extra month!!


I will put my butterflies on for Spring.


Thank you to whomever plussed me!




(Hmm - if I got two months worth of wings, does that mean I have one winger or two? Uh - if two, thank you to the 2nd person, whoever you are! Or thanks to Newk for the two months worth!)


wingFiregirlwing 11 yrs ago


I bought the buy-three-get-one-free but it appears I've gained five months instead of four. So thank you, secret winger!!




Thanks to Ardik's BC Helper (thanks for that, too!) I was just notified I'm flying one more month. Thank you, whoever you are! I'm happy. :D (But, to be honest, I would be even happier if I knew *whom* I'm thanking here... You could always PM me if you feel a bit shy. ;))


Thank you winger. ((((((((hugs))))))))


I appreciate the wings!!


have a bit more than one month of wings (wondering how you do that?)


Thanks a lot for my wings. I recently received some wings as a RABCK from glenystasmania.


Thankyou mystery bookcrosser for my pretty poppies!





off with clogs on. I read the thread about a glitch and realised that my wings hadn't only been extended for one month because I went to the Convention, but another month too. So I'll be floating on air for another two months. Thank you, whoever it was!


For flying my jolly rodgers as a bookiversary present :)


Not sure yet who they are from, but I shall enjoy them - flap! flap!


> Many thanks to all the generous people who
> enable others to fly, and help
> Bookcrossing stay available to all of us.

Thanks very, very much to the unknown good-deed-doer who gave me plusses today. I noticed they expire on Jan. 16, which is perfect -- I've planned a $35 supply store run but my credit card balance, like my TBR pile, is not allowed to go over a certain number so I must wait until ... Jan. 15! ... to place the order.


I haven't been here a lot lately, so I just noticed your generosity. I appreciate it very much. :)



wingyogiewing 11 yrs ago
I just got wung!
My santa hats all of a sudden appeared again, and as of yet no one has fessed up. I suspect I will find out who this kind mysterious winger is though. Thanks so much!


who the "culprit" is. Thanks that person anyway!!!!


Say it loud...
I'm wung and I'm proud!: -)

Now, if only I knew who the most generous mensch is who purchased wings for this fairy!

Thank you, whomever you are. You made my day.


That must mean some kind person has gifted me. Many, many thanks to whomsoever the generous one is.


Recently my wings expired, and I was quite surprised to see that someone had gifted me with another month. Thank you!



Seeing them on my profile this morning was a cheerful boost for the spirit.



Now I can check out Beta and look at my adorable virtual gift until May 28, 2010.

ETA: Oh, well. :-(


A message from BC support:



Ah...oh, well. Easy come, easy go. No worries.


Thanks to whoever upgraded my membership again! :o)


I just received a release alert. Having not too long ago been grumping about not receiving the daily summaries, I was most happy to begin receiving them again. But then the release alert in the middle of the day made me think, "Wow! They really fixed it good." But then, "Hang on just a minute, I'm not supposed to be receiving those!"

And then I saw those fabulous maple leaves beside my name! What a thrill! Thank you kind mystery winger!


winghippoleinwing 11 yrs ago
Thank you
hoping this is not another glitch, I wanted to thank my mysterious plusser!
Thanks a lot, and if they would disappear again (did it already once today), no hard feelings...


I woke up this morning and saw that I have access to all the great Members Plus features once again, and my user name is decorated with green w***s (I still loathe that term!). Thanks!!


... that the date has changed... somebody extended my "wings"!

Thank you!!!

ETA: Totje2 confessed! Thank you so much!



Thank you so much to who ever gave us wings!!!!

Obviously we had to choose the Shamrocks as we are based in Ireland!!!!

Thank you so much, mystery winger!!!!


My boyfriend was sweet enough to get me wings just for the heck of it.


What a lovely surprise!!


very pleased with one month of wings!!!


Don't know who you were; don't wanna know; definitely not changing 'em to rainbows, hearts, or ribbons :-D <--> Biggest grin you can imagine.

Again, thanks so much!


Suddenly, my forum topic filter was back! Surprised and pleased, I glanced up, and saw that my wings were back. I don't know who did it, but thank you very much.


I came back to the site this evening, and found that I had been "wunged"!



A nice opportunity to check out the new features.

(I was looking for this thread last week when I got my wings -in the RABCK forum- and couldn't find it. I don't usually check into this one.)


727 10 yrs ago
thank you.
today I was pleasantly surprised that I have wings around my username. I seriously have no idea who and why did this, especially that I'm new in BookCrossing, so wow....
it would be nice if the giver would 'confess', I'd love to send a thank you postcard :) [currently I'm broke so no books, sorry]


I got wings for two months just for asking a stupid question. ROCK!!!!


I got wings for two months just for asking a stupid question. ROCK!!!!

Vedranster totally rocks, and since there's no such thing as stupid questions, you must have asked a smart one!


...having just found about this thread, I came to thank bookczuk for extending my wings - THANK YOU! That was very kind of you. :) - and I find out I've been mentioned, too. *blush*

But I must set the record straight... trojanpotato (gosh, I do love that nickname!)... I can't take credit for your two months of flying, I winged you for just one. So I guess you've still got one mystery benefactor! Cool! :D


A Generous BookCrosser wung me! Thank you mystery donor :) I'll be eternally grateful


One moment, I was grounded. The next, I was flying.

I should go try to figure out who else is on the site right now!


I have got wings but I don't know how I got them or who gave them to me as I am a newbie. ** puzzled look across brow ** How can you tell why you have them or where they are from?


I was given my wings on the 2nd day of my membership! I don't know who by as It wasn't who I thought it was, so whoever you are Thank you so much!


..look very pretty. I might have to invest in some on pay day at the end of the month. ^_^


But someone wing-ed me three days before my birthday! Still a mystery who did it, though - but still, THANK YOU SO MUCH MYSTERY WINGER! :D


Thank you to my mystery winger!


I was wingless for just 3 days, cos they're back now! Thank you so much, mystery winger! :)


I'm new to BookCrossing and am gradually finding out how some of the less obvious things work. So, when I discovered I had wings a few days ago, I had absolutely no idea where they came from and put it down to a bug in the system. I expected them to disappear again in a day or two.

Thus I was very happy to stumble onto this thread. It never clicked that I could have received wings as a gift. I still have no idea who the mystery donor is, but thank you! :o)


I've been away on holidays for a while now and only sporadically checked BC. Logged in today and had a peek at Manage My Profile to see if any new options had appeared while I was away, and while there I noticed my wings now expire at the end of May. I could swear the last time I checked it was the end of April. Sooooo...

A big "THANK YOU!" to whoever it was that winged me!
It's greatly appreciated. :)))


I don't know what I did to deserve them, but they're very much appreciated. I especially love using the "recently journaled" sort selection.


Elskaliam 9 yrs ago
Thank you!
To my mystery giver!


I just noticed today that May 31 has been and gone, but no adds have appeared on my BC pages! I still have wings! Well, cats actually. *grin* Hurrah! Thank you, my mystery giver, for extending them for me! :D

I'd love to thank you personally, but I'll understand if you prefer to stay anonymous.
I know I have a lot of fun winging others that way. :D



This is the first time I have even been in this forum! Anyhow, thanks to my mystery winger. I have no idea who it might be, or why, but thank you!


I have no idea who it might be,

Well, go and read some of the other threads, it might help.


Appreciate it!


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