An Untamed State by Roxane Gay

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Has anyone read this novel???

I am currently reading it now and have roughly 60 pages left to go.... An Untamed State is the first novel I've read by Roxane Gay. This novel is very well written. I'm in awe of Roxane Gay's writing. Gay's writing is very powerful.

However, with that said, I feel that An Untamed State by Roxane Gay is a very difficult novel to read as the topic is very depressing... The main character, a woman, is kidnapped and held for ransom for 13 days. She's brutally and violently assaulted and raped by several men repeatedly.

Once she is freed she is very damaged. It's so crushing to see her trying to make sense of the world in the aftermath of being viciously assaulted, raped and kidnapped.

This novel is so complex.


As you said, it's well done, but the subject matter is quite heavy. I listened to an audio version because I was looking for books set in the Caribbean. Perhaps in this case a bit more distance (words on paper rather than a voice in my head) might have been better.


I can't imagine listening to the audio version! I think it would be way too much to take in.


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