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I love coincidences.
Today I picked up a book and the date and time in the first chapter were the same as the date and time in my real life. This is the second time that has happened to me. It makes me think I was meant to read this book today.
The Reversal by Michael Connolly.
Have you experienced a coincidence in your reading?


I don't think I've had one with the same date and time but I have had within the same month, same location or be reading a book that has the Olympics mentioned when the Olympics are taking place.
Recently a friend mentioned an old song and when I went home and picked up my book, the main character was listening to that song while cooking dinner. I always feel like I'm supposed to be reading that book at that time when there is a unique coincidence.
Then again, I'm easily amused.


It was Dec. 1983. I was riding the subway, reading *1984* by George Orwell. I had decided I needed to read the book before we actually got there! I glanced up from the book to check the station, and directly across from me in the subway car was a guy reading a book. He happened to look up at the same time, and, as readers do, we looked at each other's books. He smiled and asked, "What page are you on?" He was reading *1984* by Orwell.

I never saw the guy again, but that incident is one I will always remember.


I had a similar incident reading Trollope on the bus. A young man boarding noticed my reading, and showed me his. Also Trollope, though not the same book.

(You know, this is one of the reasons I'm not fond of ebooks. You can't see what your fellow travellers are reading!)


(You know, this is one of the reasons I'm not fond of ebooks. You can't see what your fellow travellers are reading!)

YES to this!!!


There is a movement/group on facebook here in Greece called ΤΙΔΑΜΕΛΕ, acronym of " Τι Διαβάζουν οι Άνθρωποι στο Μετρό και στο Λεωφορείο,Ε;" ="What do people read on metro and bus,huh?" . If people happen to see someone reading on public transport or occasionally on public spaces they try to see author and title and take a photo.

I'm still in two minds about this, as it serves my curiosity as a book lover, on the other hand I'm very sensitive on privacy matters. And most of the time people are unaware a photo of them is taken and uploaded somewhere online, while often their faces are not filtered or something...


There's a similar account on Instagram (though it may be on FB also) called hotdudesreading, which, as the name implies, is pictures of guys reading books. I often wonder if the guys in the picture are aware they're picture is being taken and being posted. Although a lot of guys I know would preen to have their picture posted somewhere as a "hot dude".


Which I started doing months before hotdudesreading was around.


I was reading a book that had been on my shelf for years before I was in the mood to read it. The first chapter was written from the perspective of a bottle of wine that had sat on the shelf a long time, waiting for the right moment. It was like the book was speaking to me!


and I'm not just talking about common words like "love." I read the phrase "they're selling postcards..." just as Bob Dylan started singing Desolation Row on the ipod...The opening lyrics are "They're selling postcards of the hanging"


A couple come to mind: our book group was reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Our meeting occurred on the 60th anniversary of the event that precipitated the action of the story. We also had another book like that coincidentally.

I always think it is coincidental when I am reading two very different books and the first names of the characters are the same, especially if they are a bit quirky, or the locale is the same, etc. It happens more often than one would think. Of course, sometimes it makes for difficulty in remembering who does what in the individual book.


I think the YA novel was called Fang Girl, or something like that. I try not to spoil the plot, but there was something about counting many small items. Maybe I had finished the book already, I'm not sure, but I happened to drop many small glass "stones", meant for decorating. Normally, I would have been at least a little annoyed, but then I mostly giggled while thinking about the book and collecting the stones.


by Sergey Lukianenko has a neat (in-universe) explanation for such things ;-)


And there is a Margaret Atwood novel and a Carl Hiassen novel in the Recently Released sidebar this morning!


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