RIP, Ursula K. Le Guin

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She has written so many good books. I love her way of getting inside an alien society's figurative heads and helping me think about a different way of BEING.

Favorite books of hers?
Always Coming Home was right for me at a certain time, as was A Wrinkle in Time and others.



Yes, sad indeed. Lost another great author. :/

Thanks for the link to this thread, I had not heard, yet.

To anyone wishing to read or reread her book 'The Left Hand of Darkness', I have an international Bookray in progress:

In addition, I also have the book, 'Killing Me Softly: Erotic Tales of Unearthly Love', that contains a short story by Le Guin that continues in the same universe as 'The Left Hand of Darkness'. I received this book last year via a bookbox.

The short story is titled, 'Unchosen Love'. I have not read it, yet. But, if anyone is interested in reading it, I will put this book next on my reading list.


A wonderful author... I enjoyed many of her works, from her delightful children's series Catwings ( ) to her fantasy/SF collections including The Compass Rose ( ) - one of my earliest BookCrossing releases - and on to her intricate looks at alien cultures, as in The Left Hand of Darkness ( ).


So many people--including me--have loved the Earthsea trilogy. Avoid the later books in the series.

I still dream that someday there will be a GOOD movie of Earthsea that does not butcher and white wash the story.

..and I can understand why. Nice!


I was visiting my cousin who lived out on the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. My aunt and uncle took us to Madison, Wisconsin. We were both maybe middle school age. For some reason we were left by ourselves for a time while my aunt and uncle were doing something else. We ended up in a library and were browsing, we couldn't check anything out there, but were just seeing what they had. One of us found A Wizard of Earthsea and showed it to the other. We went to our respective libraries when we got home, each of us found a copy and both of us were enthralled!


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