BBC's The Big Read "Top 200" Reading Challenge!! *AUGUST 2010 Thread*

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This challenge is for all those people who have gone through the "1001 Books to read before you die" list and thought they would like to start with a somewhat smaller list!

The rules are simple. Every month i will make a new thread where you can declare the number of The Big Read books you want to read for that month. Then keep coming back to let us know which books you chose and what you thought of them. I will keep a record of your progress throughout on a separate website so you can keep track of your reads. We can start off from 1st August.

The Big Read list contains 200 books. You can find the list here:
or you can copy it from my extended profile as well :)

So who wants to join in??

PARTICIPANTS (the more the merrier!):


Only because I know I will fail :( but will try my best, and have read some already!

Thank you!!!


That's the spirit :P

I had already read some of the books on the list when i found it for the first time so that was encouraging! I have found some amazing books because of this list.


I might join in, since this is actually doable!




I've got 18 books on the list that need to be read but i'll keep the target small for a start. If i read 6 per month,ill finish the list within 2 years!


crossing the 1001 books (since I'm in that challenge) and the banned/challenged books (since i'm in that challenge too) - and of the first 20 books on the Big Reads least - they're on at least one of the other lists too.

So, yep - I'm in. Will read at least one - just don't know WHICH one yet for August. Rings/rays always knock the pile around a bit.




I have read a few already, so I'll have to sort out which ones I've got left to read tomorrow. So yeah, I'm in! ^^


Welcome! Good to have you all on board :D


I said might...Might! MIGHT!! Okay, I'll start slow for August and read 2.

Yes, I'm in!!! ;)


oops my mistake! But you're in now! :D


sshahid 9 yrs ago


see what I had. I'm REALLY glad this is a reading challenge.....I don't have as many as I - it will be ordering from the bookmobile (they can get things from the bricks and mortar libraries throughout the county) - AND it won't build up Mt TBR!


I was surprised to see I'd already read 24 of the books!
Since we start gearing back up at work in August, I'll set a goal to read 2 books from the list. Maybe I'll surprise myself and read more, but don't want to put the bar too high.


i.ll go for 2 in august, hopefully i can find ones that cross over with the 1001 challenge to. I.ll have a look at the list and decide what to tackle x


I'll check the list first before declaring anything. For right now, I will read one without even seeing the list.

Checking the list, I've read quite a few already, but will declare which one (or possibly more), I'll read once I peruse the list more thoroughly.


because i just started an internship and have literally no time to read all week :(

I want my post graduation free time back! :(


sshahid 9 yrs ago


I decided to tackle The Count of Monte Cristo so thought I'd start a few days early, I'm nearly 300 pages in and really enjoying it - only another 800 pages to go.


I loved that book! Really amazing.


A town like Alice by Nevil Shute. It's an easy read and i like it so far..




you just mention here that you want to join and you are in..just post in your progress in this thread


naah .. how did u make those 200 books visible in ur extended profile


sshahid 9 yrs ago
click on "Extended Profile" button which is directly above my profile pic..


A great Australian novel!


Even though i read the abridged version, i thought the story was amazing. We usually get to read about stories during the war so this one was a pleasant change.

So my target for August has been achieved!


You know, I really did enjoy this one. I'd recommend it to you!


I did try Catch-22! I failed miserably! I found it very boring :P
I'll start it again someday..


I hope you keep this going. I had a slow start in the SIY one at first - but now have momentum....i just need to incorporate this into that & I'll be fine :-)


Good luck! Btw i love SIY! I hope i can finish it this time. I doubled my goal from last time!



So what will be your goal for august?


ive read 18 of these 200 books, discounting goosebumps by Stine, have read some of the books in the series ... well my target for august-september is 5 books ...
1-Artemis Fowl
2-Animal Farm
3-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
4-All Quiet On The Western Front
5-Heart of Darkness

will also try to finish Sophie's world


What do you think of Joseph Conrad? I tried to read his Catch-22 because i heard so much about it but i hated it..couldn't even complete it.


lol .. joseph conrad wrote catch-22 ?? when ?? the guy was dead long before world war 2 n catch 22 is all about WW2 .. correct me if im wrong .. but anyway when i was in school, someone gave me a copy of conrad's novel Victory .. i read it and re-read it more thn a dozen times .. it was slow but enjoyable .. and very thoughtful .. recently i started Heart of Darkness, and it wasn't much like Victory ...ill decide after finishing HOD, which one is better ..
i wud love to read Catch 22 coz i read in the paper dat a case of exploding mangoes is much influenced by it .. i loved Exploding mangoes, so i guess wud love to read its inspiration ...


I meant Joseph Heller!


oh okk =P


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