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O my, it is June already and I totally forgot to start this thread. Well, here it is now!
The June read will be: The secret life of bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Here's the place to talk about what you liked an/or disliked. General opinion on the book. Would you read more of this author etc. etc.

The english wikipedia page of this book:

The book has 302 pages. 14 chapters. At the end of every week I'll post a summary of every 4 chapters. So, this Sunday a summary on the first 4 chapters.
And June 23 I will post the Discussion Questions that are at the end of the book. So you can react on that if you want to.
For the rest, you can just say what you want of the book. Just share your thoughts!


I went to get the book from the library and loaned a lot of books. When I went away for the weekend I thought I should start with the book club book, but I had quite a lot time to read and the book was so interresting thatw I had to finish it. I'll write more about it later.


I had been hearing about this book for ages and final got a copy, I thought it was "just ok" but I tend to get this feeling with all the "popular" books so am aware it is probably just me and not the book itself.

It felt like there was a begining, a middle then nothing

As for the characters....for me to be able to enjoy a book I need to picture the characters in my head (and "connect" on some level) but I couldn't with this one.


I will get hold of this book tomorrow hopefully. Will keep posting :)


Will post about first four chapters by Sunday.


This is not a lit-crit reaction, but a gut one: reading this book made life just that little bit better, despite the incendiariness of its social setting (deep South, 1960s). It made me go read *The Mermaid Chair,* also by Kidd, but whilst the imagery and writing are still there in TMC, not the sheer celebration of life that this book invokes, almost despite itself.


sshahid 9 yrs ago
Chapter 1
I think this book is really well written. I feel very strongly about two topics that this book presents. First of all the mistreatment of children by their parents and secondly racial discrimination.


hopefully you all will too!


Well I've read 5 chapters so far and I am enjoying the book, it's an easy read which is what I need after the daily work grind.


overall I can say I liked the book, not my favourite for the year, but one I am glad to have read.


i liked it very much but it still took me a while to finish it. Maybe because ive seen the movie..
Loved May and wish i had a wailing wall of my own..(would need a house with a garden for that..curses)


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