First Anniversary readathon! June 25th-2nd July(LAST DAY!)

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4thEstate 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
I actually managed to make the full 24 last time, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. And I've still got a TBR pile that needs thinning out.


Complete Thread
The readathon is now one year old! Can you believe it? Happy birthday dear readathon, happy birthday to you!Might do something to celebrate when we start...So for anyone joining in for the first time here is all you need to know.

QUESTION-What is the readathon?
The aim is to read for 24 hours spread out over these 7 full days and nights. Don't worry if you can't manage the full 24 as it is not as easy as it sounds. 24 hours is just a target to make things interesting-just read as much as you can. Pick your own books to read, read as much or as little each day as you want as you try to reach your goal. Joining is simple, just post below and say hello! Remember to take note of when we start.

QUESTION-What am I allowed to read!
Normal books, plays, screenplays, poetry, graphic novels, manga, marvel/Dc comics, university/college textbooks, books set by schools, audio books, ebooks. Anything really except newspapers and magazines.

QUESTION-What happens before we start?
After posting here, if you want to you can post your reading goals, set your own reading target and tell us the books you intend to read for the upcoming event.

QUESTION-What happens in the readathon?
You take note of the amount of time you read and then post here to tell us how you are getting on. You can do a session by session update or a daily total, whatever you prefer to do. You can tell us what you are reading and what you think of it if you want to. We're nosey and like to hear from you! Some people use clocks or timers or paper to keep track of reading time as it is easy to forget!

QUESTION-When do we start and finish?
We start this month as Thursday 24th June at 2359pm turns to midnight Friday morning on the 25th in your timezone. We read 7 full days and nights and stop as Thursday 1st July turns to Friday 2nd July in your timezone. So our reading days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Reading on the 2nd Friday does not count towards your total as this would be day 8!

Remember not to get stressed about your reading-this is a fun challenge! We all read at different speeds and have different time constraints and work/family committments so don't worry if you see people way ahead of you! read what you can and enjoy!


I was traveling I think during the last two and that really hindered me. I am looking forward to spending more time reading. If I am lucky I will have finished unpacking and will be able to totally devote my non-working hours to reading.


:) I am doing better this time (June) than the last two.


maybe the house will be nearly done in the remodeling status that I can actually read a bit


imuzak12 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
This will be my last chance this year because I'll be busy with school work from July to December. I want to enjoy the time spending on reading with you all!


This will be my last chance this year because I'll be busy with school work from July to December. I want to enjoy the time spending on reading with you all!

What a lovely thing to say! Aww, I'm going to get emotional in a minute! *wipes away tear*


to make 24 hours for the current one. Oh well...


The wonderful thing about you Kate is that you are still here and taking part as much as you can and I think that is a great achievement! We love having you here! Me, I don't work or have any time restrictions so I seriously have no excuses to not be reaching my target every month(which I have not been doing!)


Thanks, chucklesthescot! (and I love "The Count"). June 25 is the LAST day of school for this teacher until September. I am going to a seminar on Mark Twain June 28, 29, and 30, but hoping again to make the 24 hours goal. :-) I am in awe at the people who make it on a regular basis.


Looking forward to it!


the 24 hour mark.

And for this one, I'm working BUT flut3girl is on a mission trip - more reading time [grin]


TinaJean 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
I may even take some vacation time that week just to be able to read! :)


4thEstate 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
I actually managed to make the full 24 last time, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. And I've still got a TBR pile that needs thinning out.


sshahid 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
I have loads of time on my hands now so i hope i'll make the 24 hours!

Btw I was wondering if you send reminder PMs or not? :)


Woo Hoo! I am aiming for the 24 hour challenge and hopefully will read many books from Mt. TBR. Thanks for setting this up!


And I was only able to reach 24 hours once (if memory serves me well).
Happy Readathonniversary!!! :)


Yesss! I'm in, after more than one month! Counting impatiently the days :-)))


Time to clear out those tbrs again!


Get those books dusted off! Remember you can do your posting here or at goodreads or on both!


I am going to try reading books to fulfill upcoming release challenges, August's One Word title challenge and Plum's number title suggestion. I am also going to clear as much TBR titles as possible. I am not working at VBS this year due to a recurring upper respiratory infection and asthma troubles, so I should definitely make the 24 hour goal.


katrinat 9 yrs ago
I'm in
My work load is much ligher now the GCSEs are over so I'm looking to see if I can manage that whole 24 hours this time!


I'm in again! I was on holiday for the last one, so couldn't post in the thread, but joined you in spirit (actually, in wine as we were in the Loire region)


annenz 9 yrs ago
I'm back...
and in for this one please!!!!!


I have my tbr shelf ready for action...


Am looking forward to this!


almost there!


hours for US Central time zone!
First book up-- Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls


on finishing a brain candy book while the wash was finishing! Now on to the train commute for another hour of reading something more intellectual :-)


Was sick last night and feel really rough today so no reading at all done. I won't get to 24 but will try to do some reading during the week.


(truthfully - they were down to the LAST pages) and started a more intellectual book: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

3 hours total


istop4books 9 yrs ago
I'm in!
Read 4 and a half hours today. Finished Reaching to Heaven by James van Praagh.


Got another 3 hours read today, for a total of 7 and a half hours so far. Would have been more had it not been for the world cup!


One thing I love about the marathons - they give me a chance to finish up a lot of books that have been lying idle.

I'm up to about four hours and 11 minutes, at last check. So I'm off to a decent start.


Finished reading the first House of Night book 'Marked' by PC Cast and liked it. Now reading Laurell K Hamilton 'Circus of the Damned'.


Got up early this morning and finished "The Potter's Field" by Ellis Peters.


wingminesaynwing 9 yrs ago
Day 1...
Read part of the "The Last Song"...about 4 hours worth, and about to finish it up


millycat 9 yrs ago
Day 2
Two long-standing Mt Tbrs read - Viking 2 - Sworn Brother by tim Severin & The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld plus K is for Killer by Sue Grafton . 9 hours 5 minutes of reading bliss, most of it lounging in the shade of the garden enjoying our summer weather.


Still too hot to do anything other than lie in the shade and read, 2 more Tbrs completed - The Soldier's Return by Melvyn Bragg, which I rated 10 stars (almost never happens) and Past Reason Hated - peter Robinson - also a great read. Am expecting at least a couple of hours today while waiting for a rehearsal to finish, and maybe some audio book listening while ironing this morning. I'm embarrased by my complete idleness for anything other than reading but this is the best readathon ever!!


I'm reading "Denial: A Memoir of Terror" by Jessica Stern. She is an expert of terrorism and wrote two books on that subjects. This one is much more personal: revisiting her experience of being rape in her teen. I respect her to face such a tough experience in her past and wrote in a book by exposing herself so raw. I'm about a half way of the book.


Am reading Seven Up by Janet Evanovich.


It's a wonder someone hasn't heard me lol while reading this book!!!!
Hope the wishlist is fixed soon so I can add a few more of her books to my list.


Continuing with Interpreter of Maladies - a collection of short stories; interspersed with two light Christmas reads for Booklady's Christmas in July release challenge.

It's 90+ degrees here, so snow sounds wonderful :-)



Have to try harder today!


Better than I thought.

Have 2 more short stories in 2 books each - Interpreter of Maladies and Irish Magic II. Then on to read Little Women and see if it's better or worse than I remember from childhood.


Weekends tend to be when I get the most reading done, since I have very little time during the week.

I've knocked off a few library books, like I said - now I'm trying to take care of a few books on Mt. TBR.


Finished one Christmas book for the release challenge; about 1/2 way through Interpreter of Maladies.


wingminesaynwing 9 yrs ago
Day 2...
another 2 hours finishing up Sparks' "The Last Song" and starting "..Edgar Sawtelle", total now 6 hours


but I just noticed this month that audio books count, so I was going to lose reading time attending a seminar on Mark Twain, but now I'll be listening to a book during the drive! WOOHOO! I may hit 24 hours this time. :-)


Considering watching World Cup games almost everyday, I'm doing okay so far. My total is now 7.5 hours, and I'm close to the end of "Denial". After finishing "Denial", I'm going to concentrate on another currently-reading book, "The Death of Bunny Munro".

ETA- Oops! I posted my hours from Day-2, not Day-3. I'm still counting time for Day-3 as of 7:40 pm.


Hope to do better in the coming week:)


If I've done the math correctly, I've already hit 15 hours, 14 minutes. It still seems a little hard to believe.

I finished "The Orkney Scroll" by Lyn Hamilton and "Polaris" by Jack DeWitt, and I'm making headway into a volume of Agatha Christie stories, so I've knocked a few books off of Mt. TBR.


Planning on finishing The secret life of bees today.


Finished the secret life of bees and now am halfway through bridget jones: edge of reason. Making good time and thankfully tbr pile is getting smaller day by day ever since holidays started. These BC challenges are good for my health :p
Going to take a nap now :)


With 6 hours on Sunday and 45 minutes this morning, for a total of 14 hours and 15 minutes so far.
I've finished:
Reaching to Heaven, James van Praagh
Sweetness in the Belly, Camilla Gibb
Ongoing: The writing of George Elliot
Dumped after 100 pages: The Russian Columbine
Set aside as 10 pages: Summer People
About to start: Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson


So I've got up to 15 hours! Might make my total after all...


2 more hours for's too hot to do anything else :(


wingminesaynwing 9 yrs ago
Day 3...
2 more hours, reading Edgar Sawtelle" and a few pages from the work-site book (an anthology of mystery stories), total now about 8 hours


My total is 10 hours at the end of day 3. There are no football games on Wednesday and Thursday, so I am planning to make up my time on those two days. It doesn't mean I already gave up on Monday and Tuesday though!


Friday I read 8 hours.
Saturday I read 4 hours.
Sunday I read 4 hours. It's hard to read when sons and darling hubby make demands on my time on the weekend!
Monday 6 hours so far, will probably read another two hours this evening.
I did finish Half Broke Horses and have just about finished Finger Lickin' Fifteen.
My total time so far is 22 hours. I like summer vacation, I'm able to actually reach my 24 hour goal when I don't have work to do!


mid afternoon. I read two more hours on the 28th. Yesterday I read about 6 hours and so far today 30 minutes, but hope to read some more in a little bit. Total thus far-- 30 hours and 30 minutes! Woo Hoo! I reached my time goal, now to knock off at least one more book by the readathon's conclusion.
eta-- finished Finger Lickin' Fifteen, read all of The Worst Noel and started Under the Feet of Jesus. The last one may soak up more time, as I have to translate some of the Spanish in the book in my trusty dictionary.


wingminesaynwing 9 yrs ago
Day 4...
two more hours on "Edgar Sawtelle", total now 10 hours


Got to read another hour before bed last night :)


Began with an audio book while tackling the huge ironing pile - Northanger abbey ; continued by finishing The Shape of Snakes - Minette Walters - on a bench in Hyde park- and finished up reading in the interval of a concert in the Albert hall - starting The Shadow Catcher by Michelle Paver


Finished the Shadow Catcher - nearly gave up in the first few chapters but I got used to the style and ended up enjoying it.


life gets in the way of me making the most of it.

I have done some reading but I don't think I have been able to get in my average amount of reading let alone anything extra.

I am persevering and hoping to read more from here till the end


Finished Interpreter of Maladies - very good.
Now finishing up Irish Magic - another collection of short stories.


My new total is 13 hours, so 11 hours more to go to achieve 24 hours!


at the end of day 5


Just my luck!
I'm full of stuff to do all 4 days & at the end of each day I'm soooo exhausted that I can barely see my bed :-(((
Plus, I'm translating a company's contract of 32 pages from Greek to English and my deadline is in 2 days= a real pain in the @ss...

Thumbs up for all of you & lots of greetings from cool and lightly cloudy Athens ;-)

The book I'm reading for all 4 days: "How to save your own life" by Erica Jong (Translated in Greek)


Slacked off a little bit on Monday, but I'm going to try to hit the full 24.

Tonight, I finished "The Best American Travel Writing of 2004," edited by Pico Iyer. Good stuff.


pretty sad, but I'm not giving up yet. :-)


Getting there-might just squeeze to my total. Still feel a bit grim.


Still feel a bit grim.

Hope you feel better soon take care.


Still feel a bit grim.

Hope you feel better soon take care.

Thanks! Feel much better today! Why do I always get sick or tired just as the readathon comes round??!!! New total 22. Should knock off the last couple of hours today. Wish it would bloody cool down outside. I hate this stuffy weather!


Oh, my. I was too busy football games. Ha, ha, ha. My total is 15 hours. Can I reach to 24 hours by Thursday?!


just finishes reading Seven Up!!!


Have started another book which has me hooked!! The book is 'The Secret Between Us' by Barbara Delinsky.


now up to a total of 12 hours reading Edgar Sawtelle and 2009 anthology of mysteries. Spending too much time working on a house


Wooh Hoo! made it and every minute a pleasure. Half way through revelation, 4th in The Matthew Shardlake Series by C.J.Sansom and thoroughly enjoying it, may well finish it today although I've got quite a busy schedule!


Still 10 hours to go before day 7 ends


Get those last hours in!


I need three more hours - hmm lets just say I will be reading form the moment work is over until the 3 hours are in.

I have 7 hours from elliptical trainer (1 hour/day) and 6 hours from before bed (1 hour /day so far). I managed 2 extra hours on Fri last week and 3 on Sat and Sun.

I wasn't sure I would make it - I always hope I will be able double my time.


I read last night for 4 hours- finished the book & started a new one.
It is called "Før du sovner" (translated from norwegian to greek), by Linn Ullmann.
I'm almost finishing it.

EDIT: Thank God, I managed to read almost 9 hours in total.
And this *** translation gave me good money (I'm more relaxed - such a relief !!!)


Won't hit the magic 24, but getting more reading done this go round.

Now reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (train book) and The Gift by Danielle Steele (to see if my opinion of her books has changed or not!)


I know between work and home I should have had at least 10 hours. I had the readathon on one calendar, but not the other! :)


and reading Frankenstein. I'm hoping to get another couple of hours in tonight.


I got another hour and 45 minutes in this evening for a total of 21 hours and 45 minutes and if I get myself to bed NOW, I'll get 45 more minutes in!

All in all, my best totals yet, so I'm happy.


I was worrying about Hurricane Alex, watching weather news on TV, and checking any rain leak from windows most of the time yesterday. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. My total is only 18 hours. I don't think I can reach 24 hours...


I had this appointment with the dentist today and couldn't read after that :(
But i'm glad i even reached 19 hours! Good luck to people who still have time!


22.5 hours in total so far!! Have started a new book titled 'The Full Cupboard of Life' by Alexander McCall Smith. Never read any of these before.


25 hours 53 minutes, haven't finished Revelation yet, but so enjoying it I've had to pre-order Shardlake 5 which comes out in September!!


4 hours today. I finished Under the Feet of Jesus yesterday evening and started in on In Our Strange Gardens by Michel Quint last night.
I finished Gardens this morning and started reading Murdering Mr. Monti by Judith Viorst.
So I 38 hours and 30 minutes and 5 books completed for this readathon! Woo Hoo!


4 hours today. So I 38 hours and 30 minutes and 5 books completed for this readathon! Woo Hoo!

Amazing # of hours. Congratulations!


failed again, but I tried. I doubt it will be better for July, but I'll try again. :-)


And no, my opinion on Danielle Steele books has not changed. I'll stick to the Harlequins :-)


And no, my opinion on Danielle Steele books has not changed.

Can't say that I blame you. That's all my sister reads. Blech!! So not my taste!!


That was where I was at midnight last night. I actually hit 24 around 10:15, so I could have gone in for another hour, but I needed a break.

Managed to knock off a few library books, a couple of TBRs, and a few non-BX Ballycumbers along the way, so it was all good.


I didn't get to spend that much time reading but I did manage to finsh reading 2 books that I've been working on for forever.


I managed to add 4 hours on day-7 and finished reading "The Death of Bunny Munro". I am a slow reader, but I've been really slow reading these days... Or, can I blame to the books I was reading?!


the readathon! Y'all did great, even if you didn't make 24 hours, the important thing is to focus more time on reading. Job well done!
My total time was so high because it's summer break and aside from housework (yeah-- let me put aside Stephanie Plum to clean all the floors and windows-- NOT!) I don't have much to take me away from reading. When school starts back up at the end of August I'll be back to my much lower total reading times!
My only current distraction to reading is bookcrossing, Facebook and checking my email.


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