Study-Free Summer Reading Challenge - FINISHED!

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Haha!! Same here! Job interviews and book reading go side by side.


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Well, it was read. And I kept hoping it would get better, but alas....not.


8. 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman (

Now Reading: 'The Centauri Device' by M John Harrison


Gave up on 'The Centauri Device'. It made no sense to me whatsoever!

Now Reading: 'Palimpsest' by Catherynne Valente


Once again really good!


and if I've double posted this,I'll apologize now. Haunting Jordan is a chick-lit mystery where Jordan buys a Victorian mansion to re-model to escape the possible murder charge of her ex-husband. While puttering around she meets the two former ghost mistresses of the house who ask her to find the the murderer of them. Definitely this is a quilty pleasure but it's well written and fun to read.
Book 8, which I mentioned starting, Catching Fire, by Suzanne Summer is just as hard hitting as her first in the trilogy The Hunger Games.Both are YA novels about a dystopian world. Katniss, unintentionally, has become the symbol of uprisings against the Capitol.She once again finds herself in the Olympic deathfest known as the Hunger Games


Rainy takes in foster kids, and Nate is part of the handyman ministry. They hit it off, until he backs off, afraid of getting in too deep with a girl and ready made family.

Library book that's due


Another library book due!


Cute Aussie romance that I read because the cover matched this week's NJABBIC release challenge.....and then when I got to the end of the book, found a FLORIDA library tag in the back - so it's a library book that I've had out for TWO YEARS. {shameful blush here}

Thank goodness Florida doesn't keep track of paperbacks....guess this COULD be counted as reduce Mt TBR by reading books in my possession before 2010???

Popped into my Florida bag to be returned to the proper library this weekend.


Tiny, adorable book :)


One of my favourite kids books! I love Eric Carle and his illustration style.


and this really IS a bookcrossing book, so I can use it for this week's NJABBIC release challenge!






Urgghh..hated it.


pritzkit 9 yrs ago
Double Bind
I did read Double Bind. Can't say I liked that one too much, either. But you're right--similar theme.

The only Bohjalian book I've ever really liked was Midwives (which I loved). I've read 2 or 3 others and just haven't enjoyed them as much.


I gave up about 2/3 of the way through. As much as I like her other works, I found the non-fiction essays too preachy and dull.

Not sure what #5 will be yet--trying to decide if I have time to get in a 2nd book for Plum-Crazy's themed read ("the sea") or not.






B. Barry.I found the story haunting and the characters intriquing.What I can't tell you is why.

I was packing books to move from the Florida house to the Pa apt, and this one just made me re-read it!


smarmy library book that was WAY overdue for the Florida library (almost 2 years). I'm on a Florida house book cleanup mission :-)


so far John Hart's The Last Child is a winner. :D I guess I mean that literally as well. He won an Edgar for this one.


Book ray. Wonderful, wonderful book. Unless something knocks it out in the next week, THIS will be the book of the month for July.


Another waaaaayyyyy overdue Florida library book. Smarmy, light - and just what was needed before picking up the next ray.


that was excellent. Now I know what it takes to win an Edgar!


I'll just add the rest. 11. I,Alex Cross is a novel that my "charge" who I am care-taking lent me. This book is excellent. Other Patterson books I've found silly or boring. But this realistic -like detective story is definitely my cup of tea.






A clear the brain read! Typical English/Dutch romance from this author.


Book ray -very good, but not good enough to knock The Lace Reader out of it's #1 July read position!


I guess I'd describe as a combination a love story & unsolved mystery, with the main character a tortured Viet Nam vet who tried to pretend he'd left the horror behind while knowing he hadn't. It was pretty dark--I couldn't read it right before bed, but as my downstairs book it was OK.


ring from NMReader about the Japanese Internment during WWII in the US. Very good.








That will make 12. The Writing is good,but a quick look ahead(shouldn't have done that) indicates it will also be gruesome


I've taken a bit of a break from books as I realised I've fallen behind in my magazine reading as well, so although I can't journal them I thought I'd note them as part of my own reading challenge:

3 issues of 'Scribble' (a short story magazine)
2 issues of 'Debut' (a short story magazine)
Jul/Aug/Sept issue of Mslexia
August issue of Writing Magazine
August issue of Writers' News


Very Good,very gruesome as I "predicted" I honestly don't think I want to read anything else about child abuse and various other perversions for a LONG time.






#31 Finally a Family by Carolyn Aaresen
rabck from prettypoodle that will be passed on later this summer
#32 Casey's Flyboy by Vivian Leiber
wild released for both the NJABBIC and baby release challenges
#33 To Young to be a Grandma, Too old to be an exotic Dancer by Donna Dakota - a so over the top absurd, it was hilarious ray
#34 Daddy for Keeps by Pamela Tracy
another wild release for NJABBIC this week.


I'm just a few chapters short of re-finishing this.






and that makes 13. Very chick-lit but well written story of a man who lies to herself about how perfect her life is, only to receive the gift of clarity from her best friend who is now a pyschic.


The cousin is kidnapped. This will be my 14th one ,and probably the end of my summer books, School starts the 18th Groan.


So I started The Piano Teacher. I got 4 books at a charity booksale. Really shouldn't have done that. I've got SO much housework, school work to get done before school starts. But ah,books await!


LOL! I've done that too. i just *know* the one I'm looking for is lurking somewhere ;-)


Now on to more catching up - with the *right* #s.

#35 Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer by James Swanson. A bookclub read for August that I expected to be very dry - and it wasn't! Very good and truly researched and written well.
#36 Manhunt by janet Evanovich - rerelease from her pre-Plum years. Cute and easy, breezy style.


I was expecting it to be more interesting..sort of like the Narnia books but it wasn't. I liked it but it was boring at times.


An amazing Australian Novel. I thought this was going to be a boring novel about the outback but it was very well written and the story was very good.


This one was about the world war but was written in a thriller form so i liked it very much. Usually I find war stories to be boring but this one was nothing of that sort.


I read the abridged version but still liked it very much.


school starts,so this has to be my last book- Cane River. I have 100 or so pages to go. Very fascinating fictionalized biography of the authors' ancestors who were slaves in Caine, Louisanna. This is book 15,five books over my goal. I never did re-locate the one by Pretsky.
Oh well... when I do it will be a lighter read for when school starts. Still that makes 15 books in 10 weeks and considering one of those books was The Passage with 700 plus pages that's not a shabby record. LOL!


Congratulations! I've got to read four books in two weeks to meet my goal ...


Author does a great job of making the main character endearing at the same time she reveals his violent thoughts and actions. You find yourself rooting for him at the same time you're repulsed by him.


I wanted to like it more than I did. But it was short, so I stuck with it till the end.


I didn't think I was going to be able to make my number, but I'm actually within striking distance with 2 weeks to, maybe!


Congrats! I'm lagging behind my target, but I have been catching up on reading my short story magazines as well, so I have done LOADS of reading!










No. 9: 'The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency' by Alexander McCall Smith

Took a while to get into it, but thoroughly enjoyed it by the end.

Now reading: 'The Thing Around Your Neck' by by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie












#37 A Mother in the Making by Lilian Darcy
#38 The Daddy Deal by Kathleen O'Brien
#39 Windfall by Cindy Holby
#40 Connal by Diane Palmer
#41 Late Bloomer by Fern Michaels

Sheesh - that's a lot more than I would have guessed based on how busy the summer was (is!)........






My favourite book of the year so far.

Now Reading: 'Property' by Valerie Martin


Gripping. A real page-turner.

Now Reading: 'Super Sad True Love Story' by Gary Shteyngart


#42 Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish (library book)
#43 Windfall by Cindy Holby Historical Romance set during the civil war. Was good - wild released for the one word challenge
#44 House Rules by Jodi Picoult - typical Picoult "formula" - good book, but written very similar to the last few she's written - and of course the twist at the end. Rabck'd
#45 Temptation by Nora Roberts Lite romance. Wild released
#46 Eggstra Courage for the Chicken Hearted - great book with essays by women about when the going gets rough. Rabck'd
#47 Secrets Dark and Deep by Anne White - surprisingly good mystery that I bought from the library sale, for last week's NJABBIC challenge. Wild released.


by Rebecca Wells. Fabulous book.


#48 A Captain's Duty by Richard Phillips (library book) It was sitting on the newly aquired shelf in the bookmobile, so I picked it up.

Excellent story about the first american cargo ship taken by the Somali pirates, and the Navy rescue of the captain, who was being held hostage by the pirates on a lifeboat. Also included a lot of information on what it was like to be a "merchant mariner" - the captains and crew who pilot all sorts of cargo around the world, certainly something I never knew anything about.


Simple & quiet & very good.

So, I dind't make my goal of 10 books by Labor Day, but I'm pretty happy with where I ended up. I just started Through a Glass, Darkly (don't remember the author)--I'll try to finish that one by the actual last day of summer & if I do, I figure that's close enough!


Well, time's up for this challenge. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

I managed 12 out of my target of 13, but I also caught up with all my magazine reading too, so I'm very pleased with my result.

Best BookCrossing Wishes! xxx


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