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I finish my studies on June 4th, and will finally be able to devote some serious time to working my way through Mount TBR--that is until the craziness resumes on 6th September when my kids go back to school and I go back to work (albeit as a volunteer). So, I'm setting myself the challenge of reading at least one book a week between June 4th and Sept 6th . . . which makes 13 books. I know that might not sound like a lot, but it's more than I've managed so far this year! ;-)

Anyway, if you'd like to join me in reading as many books as you can over those weeks, then sign up by replying to this post. When June 4th rolls around you can start to post links to the journals of the books you've read so that we can all cheer each other on. I'll leave it up to participants to track their own progress. Also, please feel free to use books that you've read for other challenges.

Happy reading!


I'd like to participate but I'm not much of a journaler. Can I play along and just post my progress here?


[I'd like to participate but I'm not much of a journaler. Can I play along and just post my progress here?]

Yep, feel free to just let us know how you're doing. :-)


but my goal will also be 10 books by the end of Labor Day Weekend (1st Monday in September)


[but my goal will also be 10 books by the end of Labor Day Weekend (1st Monday in September)]

Great to have you! :-)


abigailann 9 yrs ago
I'm in

Summer doesn't start until the end of July for me, but I'm up for trying to read as much as I can


[Summer doesn't start until the end of July for me, but I'm up for trying to read as much as I can]

Great to have you! :-)


the 2 week blizzard that cancelled school. I'm good for 10 b00ks. Where do you journal?


[the 2 week blizzard that cancelled school. I'm good for 10 b00ks. Where do you journal?]

Great to have you! :-) With regard to journalling: My plan is to write a BookCrossing Journal Entry for each book that I read from my 'To Be Read' list and then post a link to it here. But looking at your profile page, I see you don't have any books registered, so if you'd prefer you can just post a note here to say what books you've read. Whatever works for you. :-)


My summer doesn't start until June 10 (I am a teacher also) and ends August 23... but I read at least a book a week. I will post the books here, but journal them at Hope all of you take a look at that site. Full of bookcrossers (and also FREE). Looking forward to reading what you all have to say =)


[My summer doesn't start until June 10 (I am a teacher also) and ends August 23... but I read at least a book a week. I will post the books here, but journal them at Hope all of you take a look at that site. Full of bookcrossers (and also FREE). Looking forward to reading what you all have to say =)]

Great to have you! :-)


Hey IrishIII I also joined GoodReads. Look me up there.


I just finished "The Photograph" by Penelope Lively. The book is about how finding an old photograph that reveals an upsetting secret changes all of the characters' present lives and has them trying to figure out what to do with their memories of the past that may no longer be accurate.

I'd give it a 6 out of 10, but just keep in mind that I'm a hard grader.


Have you ever read Chris Boujahalians' Double Bind ? Bet you'd give that one a 9 or 10... The theme sounds similiar and is why I reccommend it.


I'll be finishing my studies on the 5th! Woopieee!!! No more university (hopefully)! So i'd love to participate in this challenge :)


Great to have you, sshahid. :-)


Great to be here! :P



I've finally finished university and will graduate in July :) After 5 years of hells bells, this will be my first stress free summer :D

& I'm sure I'll be reading plenty between the hours of boredom, I mean job hunting.


Haha!! Same here! Job interviews and book reading go side by side.




Massive stack of library books, which will be part of SIY challenge #13!

Editted to add:
Not REALLY off this summer, since I'm work full time (and no college courses since 2006 - yeah!). But the obligations slow down.

I participate in other reading challenges, but I will NOT set any goals for this one...on purpose. It will be a log of ALL that I read this summer. That being said, hold on to your hats (and books) - I'll post what I've gotten through in the past week on a new post!


Finished this today. It was a slow paced book so it took me a while to finish it although the story was good IMO.




Read it on Kindle---I really like her, so I enjoyed the book. Not great literature, but a fun read. I'll say 7 out of 10, keeping in mind the genre.


My Name is Memory in 4 hours today.
It was just the therapy I needed. A lost love from my past contacted me after 40 years,said some seriously nice stuff and then disappeared after 2 back and forth e-mails and a re-forwarded e-mail I had written and my phone #.
This book was about a man who remembered his past lives and the one woman he fell in love with over and over again. It managed to explain re-incarnation and still come up with some pretty solid ideas about the nature of love. I may re-read it when I can appreciate the language and not just devour it for therapy. :D


I picked this up in the bookshop a couple of days ago and a lady standing beside me recommended it highly.

I enjoyed this book very much. Artemis is such a spoiled brat but i envy his mind so much :P


1. 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber. Hooked again on this Cedar Cove series!
second in the cedar cove series. This time the primary character is Grace - deserted by her husband - and how she's getting her life back together. Along with continuations of Grace's adult children, Kelly and MaryEllen; and her best friend, judge Olivia and the new man in her life - Jack.

2. Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson A Coulter-Paxton liason book set in the 1890's in the west. Eden's ex-fiance spread so many false rumors, that she needed to leave San Francisco. Riding a train to Colorado, to live with her brothers, the Sebastian gang kidnaps her, to see her into prostitution in Mexico. Except Matthew Coulter has been trailing them for 3 years, ever since they raped and murdered his wife. He rescues Eden, but can't drop her off in town without the Sebastian gang taking them both out. So, they live in the wilderness, leading the Sebastian gang on a merry chase, until her brothers track them down. In the meantime, Matthew and Eden have fallen in love.
(library book)



3. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe (ray) (PM Stinalyn to join the ray)
Interesting ray that bounces between the 1690's and 1991. Connie, a grad student, is sent by her mother to clean out her grandmother's creepy old house over the summer, where she meets Sam, a steeplejack. Her academic advisor is a skunk and wants to steal her research...and she discovers "receipts" for spells which seem to work, because she finds she's from a family of witches! Kind of reminded me of a Jodi Picoult book, where at the end you're not sure what was real and what wasnt'.

4. The Summer Hideaway by Susan Wiggs (available for rabck'g)
Latest in the Series. This time George Bellamy is dying - and he wants to spend his last summer at Willow Lake, and reconcile with his brother. He hires nurse Claire Turner, intending that when Ross returns from his military deployment, he'll settle down with Claire - and George proves to be right. And George is able to mend fences with his estranged brother Charlie by the summer's end too.


This book tells us how Narnia was formed and it is my favorite Narnia book yet.


This series has grabbed me again!
Third in series mostly about Zach and Rosie. Olivia has another unusual divorce decree - the kids get the house and the parents have to move in and out to share custody! Olivia's ex - Stan - has his marriage break up and now he's trying to court her. And Olivia's best friend Grace, widow of Dan, finds herself caught up in an on-line affair with a married man, neglecting the local horse farm owner Cliff, who's also wanting to date her. And single Mom, MaryEllen, has fallen in love with the baby's father, Jon, who is skittish about letting her into his life, since he's a convicted felon and doesn't want to give her that information to potentially use it against him.






Well, I'm off to a bit of a slow start - life hasn't quite slowed down as much as I'd expected it too - but I've finished my first S-FSRC book: 'It's the Little Things' by Erica James ( My mum lent it to me, so I felt obliged to read it, but it wasn't really my cup of tea ... which is part of the reason it took me so long to finish it. Never mind, on to the next one: 'Stardust' by Neil Gaiman.

It's great to see everyone else speeding along! :-)


The Girl Who kicked over the Hornet's Nest. Another excellent book with an insight into a Swedish Government scandal with Mic
keal Blomkist and Salander. At the beginning, Saleandar is recovering from brain surgery from a gun wound inflicted by her father.


Legally Tender by Michelle Dunaway. Totally brain candy.
Christina's divorce decree limits her to 75 miles away from her ex, who shares custody. She willingly gives up the trappings of the wife of a philandering NFL football star, to start over at a law firm in a small Indiana town with her daughter Bella. But she doesn't count on falling in love with the co-lawyer and volunteer firefighter working with her on the court case.


This was a debut novel written about an abused woman whose lost love helps her rescue her lost child.I appreciated it's depth, despite what MAY sound like a romance novel plot,the author uses multple narrators to tell the story and demonstrate the inter-connectedness of the characters. The mystery has no simple solution and the characters situations are not neatly solved at the end of the book. Life is like that, problems are not simply solved despite what you or the characters may wish.


This ought to take awhile. It's 700 + pages. It has excellent reviews,so hopefully it will be worth it.


sshahid 9 yrs ago
DONE: 6/13
A Is for Alibi, Sue Grafton
The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint-Exupery (One of my favorites)


three christmas short stories; A Place to Belong: Maggie is planning the perfect Christmas Eve service in the new church, and newcomer sheriff, Jack, is getting in her way at every turn! A Son is Given: Katherine lost their baby when she fell down the stairs when her husband was drunk. Now he's reformed, but can she forgive him? Angels in the Snow: Della is rescued in a blizzard by a grieving widower and his son. She gives the lonely boy a little Christmas - which Hunter has given up on. But would Hunter want her to stay when he knows what she's running from?

Added to the availables for a July Christmas release challenge!


sshahid 9 yrs ago
Finished Playing for Pizza by John Grisham right now. Different from his other books but good.


This was a quick and very enjoyable read. If I ever write a fairytale for grownups I want it to be as good as this!

Next book: 'Seriously Funny' by Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas


abxc from Sherrisue76; read same book 2 years ago! Started yesterday at a country music concert - seemed appropriate.

Will be part of the Christmas release challenge at the next abxc meetup on 7/11 (if it doesn't get to an OBCZ box in July first!).


tommorrow. It's a terrific read.


sshahid 9 yrs ago
Pretend You Don't See Her by Mary Higgins Clark

Fast paced. Loved it..


This book certainly lived up to its title! It had me crying with laughter. It also had its poignant moments too, which were very touching. I always feel better about myself after reading these two authors.

Next book: 'Nocturnes' by Kazuo Ishiguro


1001 book; ray; Long, tough read. It took me 3/4 of the book to finally figure out that the narrator was the author, and the last chapters FINALLY pulled things together. I didn't like the protagonist (he was so lifeless, weary and dull), nor any of the other characters, who all had their own hidden agendas.


Excellent book by Cronin. The characters who do come together about 1/2 through the book are compelling. I'm glad I had the summer to finish this.


A brain candy read - for the July Christmas release challenge! I had to read something to offset the gloom and doom of Pamuk's book!


Couldn't stop reading. I was just about to finish (this was around 2 at night) when mom comes in and orders me to go to sleep! I had to read the rest in the light of my mobile was that interesting..


Got this book for my kids at school,and I was so intriqued that I now have the second book in the trilogy,Catching Fire.

A refreshing look at Christian ethics.


Lilian Jackson Braun (ray) easy, light read. Reminded me of the Mitford series - small town, lot of characters and a smidge of action

Haunting stories about music and the way life can pass you by before you know it.


Easy, breezy read to add to the Christmas release challenge pile


Spending too much time on magazines and internet and not enough time reading!


I can understand being on the internet too much part :P Good luck anyway :)


Really liked the book although it was slow at times.




I'm curious--what do the numbers in parentheses mean?


The first no. in the bracket is the total no. of pages in the book and the second no. is the no. of pages so far read in that book. My little way of updating progress :)






Read this too and really liked it,but much more touching for being autobiographical was Tuesdays with Morrie.Morrie's brother,believe it or not, lives in Berkeley Springs WV and was in a play at the Ice House. He had a role as FDR's advisor in Annie.








I liked this book better than The Namesake, perhaps because it was short stories...just enough.

This is a bookray, traveling already for 3 YEARS! And more participants welcome.


You are done already :)


Quite hilarious at times


I liked this book but at the same time it was so heartbreaking it hurt to read it at times.


But the ending quote was so gorgeous.It went something like this: " When winter ends it leaves one snowflake at a time. And I think I've just seen the first snowflake melt"






This started out as really good. Gave me the creeps at the beginning which very rarely happens to me. But then it became a teensy bit boring by the end. It had elements of War of the Worlds, The Stand and The Mist.




I've avoided reading her books for years, but decided to give it another go....well, imho WORSE than Harlequins - at least this one. Very,very, light storyline, almost no character development and a lot of Hollywood name dropping.


Exactly! I read one of hers. I think it was Family something...It had NO story..seriously


Delightful short story romances, all set in slightly different time periods, and all involving humans interacting with the Faeirie and other non-humans - the "wee folk". From the library.


MUCH better than the other book, more character development and no name dropping, perhaps because it's set in the midwest, instead of Hollywood.


by Elizabeth Berg is about 4 people who go to their HS reunion and while they don't find what they want ,they do find what they need.


Island Beneath The Sea by Allende. Excellent,lyrical story of a young slave girl in Haiti.






6. 'Love of Fat Men' by Helen Dunmore

Lovely, lyrical prose that epitomises the idea that nothing actually happens in literary fiction! A page-turner nonetheless.

Now reading: 'Gateway' by Frederik Pohl


Cant wait to read the second book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reread - I first read this as a preteen <ahem> a few years back ;-)

Of course, a different take on it reading it as an adult.


Usual 101 vignettes, this time with the sister theme.


Sharyn McCrumb's The Devil Amoungst the Lawyers. Whew didn't realize how much I've been skipping around untill I zoomed back through the list. Sharyn McCrumb is my favorite authorand she' s back to some of my favorite characters. So maybe I'll settle on this before I go back to Haiti.


before I go back to Haiti

Are you doing relief work in Haiti?


Sorry :d ..I wish I was that idealistic and pro-active. Island Beneath the Sea takes place in Haiti.


pritzkit 9 yrs ago
Tee Hee....
Island Beneath the Sea takes place in Haiti.

Shows how literal I am...where is my imagination?




I read this last year. Quite enjoyed it. Keep meaning to watch the film so that I can compare. Hope you enjoy it. :-)


I didn't enjoy this book apart from the way it was narrated. In fact, this book was just as bad as the film!






7. 'Gateway' by Frederick Pohl (

Awesome Sci-Fi! Great characters in a very believable future.

Now reading: 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman


Island beneath the Sea.I still love the voice of Tete


Catching Fire by Suzanne Colllins


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