Do something different in March, 2018

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I was about to put this in February, but then realised it's now March, so I made a new thread.

Usually I buy baked rice, but today I decided to bake my own for a change. The first time in years, and it turned out well. More economical than buying it ready made.


I'm voting in this year's Unbound Worlds literary cage-match - saw it in this Book Talk thread:

Since it involves reading short stories about the various match-ups, and since I read a LOT of short stories, it's not really all that far out of my usual range, but I've never actually followed the matches before.

In a more real-life "different", I acquired a small chest freezer so that I can make larger batches of favorite soups and stews, and can lay in multiples of freezable things when they go on sale. But it all means I now have to manage the freezer inventory, which is pushing me to do more meal-planning, which requires cleaning out the fridge and cabinets so I know what I have... Good for me, undoubtedly, but a lot of work!


You will be able to make fruit pies and the like when you have excess in summer and freeze them for the winter. I am always impressed when you describe what you have grown in your vegetable garden, but I just thought, do you have fruit trees, or access to some? When I didn't have fruit trees I would get I my bicycle and go find some feral ones, or an abandoned orchard. I have my own trees now. I have made and frozen plum and peach pies, but only have the freezer section on the fridge, and I wish that was larger.


do you have fruit trees, or access to some?

I don't have any myself, but there are loads of apple orchards in the area, and other pick-your-own-fruit places with strawberries and blueberries in season. And lots of wild blueberries, for those ambitious enough to go looking for them (and beating the bears to them!). If I can get in the habit of using the freezer regularly, I'll definitely plan some harvest-time freezing!


Finish my first painting for an exhibition at the Logan Artists Association
Send off a few 5kg Book bags across Australia
Start editing a book I've been meaning to edit (yes I'm the great procrastinator).
Read Tom Hanks' new book
Pick up some canvases on Sunday


Busy :)


Busy :)

Man... that's not the half of it! Shoulda seen last month! I didn't even get time to come in here and tell you guys'n'girls about it! :O


Was totally worn out by the time I got home Saturday evening. And it took a few days of catching up on some much needed sleep.
Did not buy any books though ... it was way too busy to look for myself.
Besides that I've still got loads of books to read & release. :)


Did not buy any books though ... it was way too busy to look for myself.
Besides that I've still got loads of books to read & release. :)

That's actually pretty awesome! I'm not sure I could have gotten away from there without acquiring *some* books, despite the toppling towers at home!


In early March on a gorgeous, sunny day, we took a drive to Ravena State Park here in northern Florida. The azaleas were in full bloom, and the hike we took was breathtaking, as we were surrounded by blooms. We’ve lived here almost six years, and this was the first time we’ve been to this park.

Later in the month we went to an active shooter seminar which was sponsored by our Sheriff’s Department. At one point one of the Sheriffs asked how many people in the audience had permits to carry a gun. I couldn’t believe how many people raised their hands. A sweet little lady sitting next to me who I had been talking to raised her hand. I never would have guessed. As for me, I want nothing to do with a gun of any type. I don’t agree with the “good guy with a gun” mentality. Many interesting points were brought up by the Sheriffs who were educating us. The point of the seminar was to instruct the audience on the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe if you are ever in a situation where there is an active shooter. I learned so many things I never would have thought about.

I also was at the library last week and they had a whole bookcase of free books. I was told to help myself, so I grabbed a stack. They aren’t any that I’d be interested in reading, but they’d be good for releasing, something I haven’t done in a while.


I've started "paint pouring". My cousin did a beautiful little canvas with blue and green bubbles all over it, that she generously sent me { after I begged for it. lol} ♡ I love it so much I decided to learn the process.
I haven't had any results close to what she does but I've had fun playing with the paints.


I’ve never done anything like this, the skeptic in me has always pooh-pooed it. But I’ve always been a little curious too. My hairdresser knows her and had a party at her shop this afternoon for those who were interested. She said a few things that honestly my hairdresser could very well have tipped her off about (skeptic.) however she went out on a limb and told me one thing that no one knows and told me what would happen within 13 months relative to it. So needless to say, if she got this right, hmmm .......


Sounds interesting. I had one done many years ago. The only thing I remember her telling me was that an airplane would be in my future. I thought I’d be involved in a plane crash, but so far nothing. We did, however, buy a house about two miles from an airport and had planes flying over our house all the time.

My daughter had a reading done soon after she found out she was pregnant with our grandson. He told her all kinds of insignificant things, but never picked up on the fact she was pregnant. She had hoped he would tell her if she was having a boy or a girl.

I guess it depends on the medium.


I guess it depends on the medium.

Yes, how well they can read the subject and how much the subject believes this stuff. Those individuals are likely more (unknowingly) willing participants in 'assisting' the medium say the right thing, by giving clues. A person who sits there with a poker face and saying nothing, will make it very hard, maybe impossible, for the medium to get an idea of what story line to follow. This would not be a problem if being able to predict is real, but it isn't real, so mediums do rely on responses. Some are very good at 'reading' people. That is not the same as being able to predict the future. Going to a medium, especially one very skilled in their game, could be very soothing, rather like having a massage, as it's all about 'you'.

I found this read fascinating.

I dind't read much of this one, but it appeared interesting too.


I'd rather spend my hard earned bucks either on something real (food!) or something that isn't trying to pretend it's real (fiction!)


That is so exciting! (katiesmama) I have always wanted to have a reading. I say the exact same thing you said. I am very skeptical yet at the same time, I would know for sure if the psychic told me something only I would know. I would love that


I would know for sure if the psychic told me something only I would know.

As this isn't real, if they were able to do that, then you did something (maybe unknown to you) to give them that information. Some of these con artists are VERY good at reading people, especially people who believe this and naively give away clues.


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