Just ordered some BookCrossing Day labels! (and other BCing-type activities)

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The new style's in the Supply Store (see news item here: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/714 ), and some of the older styles are still available. Now to sort my stacks-of-books to select the best candidates for the labels, and to sketch out a release run for the day itself!

I did flub a bit on the book-sorting recently - after a busy February, with lots of release challenges that I like to participate in, I thought I'd found all the books I'd set aside for the many challenges, only to turn over a stack and find a copy of The Ear, The Eye and the Arm, which was perfect for both the "Head Shoulder Knees and Toes" challenge and the SF challenge. Sigh. I *could* save it for next year, but I expect I'll just release it anyway.

Made a release run in Connecticut yesterday, mixing road-trip-for-food-with-foodie-friend with some geocaching, tagging some new LFLs, and dropping a few books elsewhere; visited the Nathan Hale Homestead as part of the trip.

Today's very rainy, and I expect I'll limit my releasing to sheltered spots near home - the local LFLs and maybe a few other indoor places. [Breaking news: I got my first JE from the many books I've released at the eight LFLs in town since they were placed last August! Not very detailed, but I'll take it: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14908575/ ]

Ooh, the red-bellied woodpecker is at the peanut feeder outside the window! (Yes, I'm easily distracted.)


A lovely little bundle was waiting for me in my letterbox, all the way from Germany.


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