Laugh of the day for me - this Epbot post about a comment-thread that went in some very interesting directions:

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The original post was of a stunning cake that looked like an actual geode, rock crystals and all - except that of course the ever-helpful internet thought it looked like a portion of female anatomy, promptly derailing the comments section. But the baker chimed in with increasingly hilarious remarks that have kept me chortling:

I think my favorite part of the thread was the note-to-management-team, but it's all entertaining.


So that I could visit this cake place. I just happened to click on EPBot this morning and found this -- I read the whole thing. It was hilarious! Made my otherwise grumpy day brighter.


Hoo! I hope that baker does GREAT business! I can't believe the cake didn't sell.


I loved it! Epbot is one of my favourite blogs.


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