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Are any of you having a problem with journal books not showing up in your e-mail? I've sent out several books and I know for a fact that bookstogive has received hers and entered a journal entry, but I've yet to be notified. Any suggestions??


And, alas, a longstanding one - being looked at, but no solution in sight yet. Here's the thread in the Bugs forum:


The gist: individual JE-alerts seem to get through OK, but the digest format - which is the default format for non-winged members - doesn't seem to be working. (If you have wings but are using the digest format, it still won't work - it seems it's that format that's broken. But if you have wings, you can select the individual-email option on your profile, and/or can sort your bookshelf by most-recently-journaled-first to spot any recent catches.)


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