I've finally found something that has curtailed my bookcrossing

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I fell and broke my knee at the end of last week. Pretty banged up, and it's been hard to get a brace that will keep the knee stabilized for healing. Due to another previous injury that is still healing, I can't use crutches at the moment. We got a wheelchair, but it doesn't have a leg extender, so I'm rigging a makeshift one that is less than ideal. Plus, without the brace, bumps in the rolling really hurt. Pretty soon, I'll have a TBReleased pile that's bigger than my TBRead one. Oh the indignity!


Oh, no! Many vibes for quick healing. And maybe you can put a dent in the to-be-read pile even though it does increase the to-be-released one!


Oh, ouch!

You need a surrogate. You can label the books, and send javaczuk out to release them!

Vibes for speedy healing headed your way.


Enjoy your reading! Forget about the releasing! Just concentrate on getting well :-)


Well that just stinks. POOEY.

Is it your patella? A friend of mine shattered hers slipping on ice. She's done fine, once it healed, but she said it was really important to do the exercises religiously during the recuperation period.

Hope all goes well and you're soon not so ouchy!


I hope you feel better soon!!


Sorry to hear about your accident bookczuk and hope you are not laid up too long. Lots of reading time ahead.


Sending healing vibes your way


jessibud 9 mos ago
Oh dear
I hope that you heal quickly. Did they not put the leg in a cast? And it sounds a bit odd that a chair with a leg extender couldn't be found. Keep looking! The sooner you can get comfortable, the faster you will heal!


Oh wow, that sounds painful. I hope you are on the mend very soon.


buffyfan 9 mos ago
I'm sorry you broke your knee. :O(


Trust your knee heals quickly


I hope you can get the brace and the extender very soon. I pray for quick healing and recovery!


You don't mention pain but I'll bet it's pretty excruciating. Hope you can improve your mobility soon. As Gory said you can whittle down the TBRead pile while you are waiting.


wingbookczukwing 9 mos ago
Thanks all
The brace was an insurance problem that got worked out, and has been a life saver. The wheelchair is ours, but doesn't have the extender, and we can't find one that fits, and can't buy a new chair. Orthopedist says 6 weeks in brace and no full-weight bearing. I had a preexisting injury that is aggravated by crutches, so am doing them only at home and using the chair, with rigged leg extender, for distance. It all works, though is terribly frustrating for someone who is used to buzzing about releasing books, and doing her art. Oh well. It's a learning process.

Thanks again for the thoughts. I've got various pictures (including my current to-be-released pile) up at Instagram, user name bookczuk. (Duh.)

More later!


I've been wondering. Hoping you make steady improvement, what a bummer! Did you run into Jamie Lee Curtis around town?


I've been wondering. Hoping you make steady improvement, what a bummer! Did you run into Jamie Lee Curtis around town?

We walked past the set (because it's in our neighborhood.) I posted some pics on Instagram. We didn't see her, though she was seen at some places we frequent.



I hope you heal soon


Hope you are back to releasing books into the wild very soon!



I added you on Instagram, which I just started using. (Don't expect many posts from me. Like a lot of older people, I have to use it if I ever want to see pictures of my grandkids and niece/nephew.) Saw a couple of pictures of your brace and chair, and the arrangement doesn't look makeshift at all. Hope you heal fast!


Like a lot of older people

You've only got a couple of years on me Megi53! I started using it to promote my art and the coloring book of mine Tor published a few years back. Budgets for advertising, even with the big publishers, are low, so I had to do my bit! I simply repost the Instagram posts to Facebook, and rarely have to go there in person but get twice the bang for the post.

As to grandkids, both mine actually follow me on Instagram, which is both fun and a little scary!


susieq46 9 mos ago
So sorry
Hoping you have a speedy recovery. Broken bones are no fun.


Hope you heal well, and heal soon! Cheers.


wingBadgerjimwing 9 mos ago
Best wishes for speedy healing.


hope you mend well and quickly and that you have plenty of enjoyable reading material in the meanwhile



And for those of you that remember, my mother was bookcrosser Bumma. Miss her every day.


A wonderful post - and I love your friends dubbing the wheelchair "Wheels of Time"! Hope your poor patella is mending well. More vibes from the snowy-and-windy northeast!


That's a lovely post, and quite evocative.


Lovely post. Quick healing vibes out your way!


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