Just saw the new Google doodle for the Winter Olympics

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I often miss these (till someone on this forum points it out) but this time I happened to catch it and it's really so cute and well-made. :)


And there will be a different one every day!

They are adorable.


Yes! Here's the permalink for the first one:


I caught some of the ice skating last night and look forward to more events. (I was amused at the workaround for the ban on Russia - athletes from Russia who were not themselves part of the doping scandals are allowed to participate, but under the Olympic flag, not the Russian one. Johnny Weir quipped that it was harder to say "Olympic Athletes from Russia" rather than "Russians", but it does seem that the commentators are being nudged to use the agreed-upon terminology.

Haven't heard from my niece (working in Seoul this year, teaching English) whether she's going to attend any of the events; I think it's a couple-hour trip to the Olympic venues, and I have no idea what the transportation and tickets and whatnot would cost. Not sure I'd take the trouble myself, though it's tempting to be able to say one was there... even if it's easier to watch many events on TV!


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