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My best friend, Jon, just suffered the loss of his spouse, a few days before they were to see my wife for life insurance.

Ron suffered a heart attack while driving, He had their newly adopted child in the car with him. He was able to pull over and put the car into park, in Blakeslee, PA hours away from home. He passed before help could arrive and LJ was witness to his passing.

Jon and LJ are back together in our little part of New Jersey and are trying to put their life on track. They are going to lose their condo and, if I have my way, they are going to move in with me and Mrs Greyflank.

I think they will be all right, But there are many bills that need to be paid; adoption in the USA is expensive and LJ had to get therapy session even before this traumatic experience.

If this was a problem that books could solve, I know my Bookcrossing friends would send an avalanche of paperbacks and hardcovers their way. Instead, and I hate to ask this, I am hoping each of you could send two or three dollars their way -- the cost of the postage you would have used -- to the go-fund-me page I started for them.

And if you could post this link to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you prefer, I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you everyone for reading down this far, it's appreciated.

*whinny!* -- Added just so you know it's really me, the typing horse, looking for your help.


I'm so sorry to hear that! Much sympathy...


Thank you Gory! We are almost at the halfway point and I'm hoping that we can make it to the end. So far, we've covered the funeral costs (thanks to the fund and a huge, direct donation to the funeral home) but not the hospital, ambulance, towing, and other incidental fees.

Before Jon knew of the funds I was raising, he decided not to have a wake for Ron. I think it might have been a bit tortuous for him, too. He's like me, prone to heavy, deep depression, but he's been holding it together for their adopted son.

Watching him go thru this has made proud, but also agonized. If I lost my wife, I don't know what would make me hold it together.


Oh wow, that's terrible. I hope your fundraising is successful.


Oh wow, that's terrible. I hope your fundraising is successful.

But I know that not all GFM campaigns complete their goals. Jon will need to get all these immediate bills taken care off and then he'll have to get out of the condo they are in. On his single income, there's no way that he can afford it.


Very sad news, condolences to you. I did try to help but got thrown out of the page when I tried to input my card details. Hope others are able to help.


Thank you, Meganh, for trying.

International donations are hard this platform. I think only Americans and Canadians, can... but I did have a Kiwi donate and that made me smile something fierce.


Tried again and by continuing to press the help icon after the screen disappeared numerous times it worked. Hope you have success in helping your friend financially during this very sad time.


Thank you for your donation. I saw it last night and it warmed my heart.

I'm almost at the halfway point on the Go-Fund-Me for my friend with a little help from some great and generous Bookcrossing friends like you. Both Jon and I appreciate all the help he is getting.

I'll be seeing Jon tonight and getting him set up at Soul Kitchen so that he and LJ can get food more affordably. Now that they are on one income, this will help alleviate some of the stress.

I could go on a terrible rant about how things shouldn't be like this in one of the richest countries in the world. Instead, I will concentrate on the humanity and caring the best people in the world are sending our way.

Thanks you!


What an awful thing to happen. He looks such a nice man too from the photo. Life can be so hard.


Thank you for your donation, Miss M! And your kind words. Ron was one of the nicest men I've come to know. He lifted my friend Jon above and beyond any type of happiness he ever dreamed possible. It breaks my heart to know that Ron isn't there to hold him aloft any longer.


Thanks to Bookcrossers, we've been able to get past the halfway point and we are a sneeze away from 3k, which I'll be able to push past on my next pay day.

I had known LJ had some learning issues and that he was non-vocal when Ron and Jon first began their visits. Since I have ADHD myself (and other issues), I've been attached to the boy, myself. Last night I learned that LJ also has a form of autism, and he's now terribly, wonderfully vocal. Jon is happily exhausted as only a parent of an special needs child can appreciate. One of my nephews is also autistic and I'm trying to take what I've learned to help Jon, but every child is different.

Jon and LJ are looking for their own place and probably will not move in with us unless something else unexpected happens. I walked Jon thru the volunteer organizations that I work with and know of... from Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen to the BEAT center where they will stock his pantry, do his taxes, provide counseling without fee (or will waive the surcharge), and will direct him to people if they come across something that he cannot do. All the good works.

Jon wanted me to thank you all. He is awed and humbled by all your support, as am I. Thank you for all your efforts.


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