An entertaining thread about pets in the home office:

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Ask The Manager posted this charming collection after fielding a question about coping with pesky pets while trying to work from home:

They're mostly cats and dogs, with a couple of more exotic entries, and the pet-interference ranges from lying on top of the keyboard to hiding behind the monitor to try and pounce on the mouse.

Amusing note: many, manymanymany years ago, when I first set up a computer desk in my office at home, I found that my then-cats were happily walking over the keyboard whenever they wanted my attention. I acquired a sheet of plexiglass to put over the recessed keyboard try, and it worked like a charm; the cats could lie on the plexi, I could reach the keys underneath and type away, and all was good.

Well, those cats went to their rewards long ago, and subsequent cats have shown no interest in climbing onto the computer desk at all, much less mucking about with the keyboard. But I never took the plexiglass sheet away - I got so used to it that I just kept on sliding my hands underneath it to type... Of course, I bet if I took it away now, Raffles would manage to get up on the keyboard within minutes, so maybe it's just as well!


Oh, I *must* send that to my sister, who a) works at home, and b) has several cats who "help" her.


wingFancyHorsewing 11 mos ago
When our cat was younger, he decided to "help" me. He turned my computer off, and stepped on CAPS LOCK as well as NUM LOCK. I had a time trying to log in again!

When I was growing up, my daddy worked from home. We had a big yellow (neutered) tom cat who liked to sleep on his desk; Daddy's clients enjoyed seeing him there!


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