Amusing inspiration from the hard winter: pothole-themed ice cream!

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I've noticed lots of new potholes myself - the freeze/thaw cycle, plus snowplowing, tends to rip impressively-deep holes in the pavement every year, and this has been a banner year so far. Love the idea of the ice cream flavor, a "limited edition flavor made with chocolate ice cream, a fudge swirl, crushed chocolate crème cookies and chocolate chips". It really ought to have little chocolate pieces in the shape of hubcaps and mufflers, knocked off of cars from the impact, but perhaps that would be going too far!


Cookie piece gravel and chocolate chip asphalt? Somebody has a great sense of humor!


That is pretty clever!

I saw some workmen filling some of nastiest potholes with tar gravel today while it was warm (40F) but that stuff doesn't hold up long in good weather, and I wouldn't be surprised if their work is undone over the next couple snow days.


Clever! And since I'll use any excuse to eat ice cream, perhaps a trip to the store is in order...


as a lot of their ice creams have little shaped chocolate pieces in. After fish,bananas and peace signs, I'm sure little hubcaps would be a doddle.


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