Happy Super Blue Blood Moon!

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I'm not in the total-lunar-eclipse path for this one, but I have seen such eclipses in the past - not as dramatic as a solar eclipse, but pretty darned impressive nonetheless.

This site has info on the viewing times and paths:


And more on blue moons and super moons:



AwesomeAud 9 mos ago
Thanks Gory. Unfortunately, the best viewing time around here is at 7:30 am, to the north northwest, near the horizon. We're in a little valley, and to the NNW we have many tall trees. No chance. And it's going to be cloudy. Still, if we look out of one of the upper floor windows....


Reddish in the shadow.. In contrast the unshaded part appeared very bright. The moon has reappeared now; only one edge still showing a slight colouration.


As with you, gory, we didn't really see the redness, and at one moment near setting it was covered by a cloud. But suddenly the sky cleared and it appeared enormous!


Too much cloud cover.


I got up early, woke husband and we went upstairs to see it out the western window. It remained yellow-white, but had a "bite" taken off the top. :-) We watched until it dipped below the trees across the road from us.


Covert 9 mos ago
You and hubby
Sounds romantic! ;)


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