All Hail Roger Federer!

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'Did it again! At age 36. That is ancient on the pro tennis circuit. Fed won the Australian Open Tennis Tournament !! - the first of four annual "Slams". 1) Australian Open (January) 2) Paris - French Open, aka Roland Garros, (May/June) 3) "The Fortnight" or "The Championships", aka Wimbledon (June/July) 4) US Open (Aug/Sept). The man is amazing, articulate, humble, funny, fluent in 3 languages, a family man (husband, and father of 2 sets of twins), one of the greatest athletes in history. Yes....I love Roger Federer. Long may he play!


Congrats to him! Though I admit I haven't followed pro tennis since the days of Ken Rosewall {wry grin}.


That's my era too. I used to watch Rosewall, Laver, Court, Newcombe, Goolagong, Evert. They were greats too!


MrsPeel 11 mos ago
Local Boy
I don't really follow tennis but I do like the guy, and he's a local hero as well- grew up and lived for a long time just a few miles away.


Yes! I was happy when I read that Roger had ditched living in Dubai and moved back to Switzerland. A much nicer place to raise a family! I was there in 2012 and loved it. (2 wonderful weeks)


jonno 11 mos ago
RE: Local Boy
So we're almost neighbors, Mrs. Peel. I live in Besançon, in France.


hi Jonno, I remember you from my baby name thread! Besançon looks very nice, we have driven past it a few times but not stopped yet. It's in the unfortunate 'bit too close for weekend, but a bit far for a day' zone. haha


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