What have I missed?

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Don't think I have been here since moving 7 yrs ago


Not sure what you have missed, but welcome back :)




Hi, and welcome back! One of the more recent news items is about a BookCrossing Instagram account ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/707 ); if you're into Instagram you might find that of interest. There's also the Flickr group, Celebrating BookCrossing Wild Release Photos ( https://www.flickr.com/---/610310@N25 ); I post some of my more interesting release pics there.

There've been lots of meetups and conventions, books released and caught (though not as many of the latter as we'd like!)... Oh, and lots of forum threads about the weather {wry grin}.


Welcome back. Good you found BC again. Enjoy.


Welcome back to Chit-Chat!


... to submit your entry for the BookCrossing Day contest! But you'll have to hurry because it closes on the 31st.


What's the Bookcrossing Day contest?


What's the Bookcrossing Day contest?

Here's the post:


Basically, people can submit their own artwork as designs for the next International BookCrossing Day bookplate. There've been some lovely designs!



...I hope that I will not receive an answer after 7 years..I'm joking!! :P I hope you'll find bookcrossing even more interesting now!



I pop into Chitchat about once a week or so. Still reading and occasionally releasing. I'm saving my books now to release on Int'l Bookcrossing Day.


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