I need some creative 'magic' names for slime ingredients for my daughter's party.

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My daughter's 11th birthday is in a couple of weeks, and we're having a Harry Potter themed party. I've already sent out invitations in the form of letters from Hogwarts. Lily wants us to do a potions class and make slime, so I thought I'd give all the ingredients esoteric 'magic' names, and claim the resulting slime has some magic properties... Heeeelllp!

Types of slime being considered (I'll probably only do two or three of these):

Liquid Gold

Crystal Clear

Soap Slime (get magically clean!)

Orbeez Slime

Glitter Slime


White PVA (Dragon's Milk?)

Clear PVA

Contact lens solution (Unicorn Tears?)

Baking Soda

Food colouring (Ruby Extract, Sapphire Extract... etc.)

Shampoo or liquid soap

Baby Oil

Cornstarch (Ground Niffler egg shells? kind of cumbersome)

Gold Acrylic Paint

Glitter (Fairy dust, of course! But do different colours represent different properties?)

(Orbeez are tiny little coloured balls, and when you soak them in water they plump up to the size of peas, and are soft and mushy).

Extra kudos if you can relate the names to animals/plants/objects from Harry Potter or 'Fantastic Beasts'!

At the end of the party I'll give them the real recipes so they can try them at home.

I'll also have wands for them to decorate, and a selection of Harry Potter themed snacks.....still not sure what to do about the cake! And some themed decor, of course!

Here's a link to an amazing HP xmas party where the motto is "no detail too small!"


What a great theme!
I think I'd definitely use Phoenix Tears and Mermaid Scales.
Maybe something like Professor Sprouts Magic-Gro Potion.
There's also things like Owl feathers and Crushed Centaur hoof clippings (kids love that!) and don't forget Polyjuice potion!

If you're giving them the recipe I'd be inclined to add things like "Crush with the Sword of Gryffindor" and "mix together in a Leaky Caulrdon" etc.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


There are actually a lot of REAL magical ingredients to choose from. As an extreme Potterhead, I think I might be qualified to help. Here are some examples(from the first book, just to give you some ideas):

Powdered root of asphodel
infusion of wormwood
wolfsbane(same thing as monkshood)
crushed snake fangs


ooo...those are good! Thanks!

I'll definitely be using the crushed snake fangs!


Wouldn't H.P. slime be slug track material? Slug tracks are not only slimy, but shiny.

Poor Ron.


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