As the year turns... plans/thoughts/hopes for 2018?

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It's another frosty night in New England (4F/-16C), and I'm enjoying the not-unmixed blessings of a cat taking up too much space on my lap {wry grin}. Given that the borrowed space-heaters are barely keeping the house warm, I welcome Raffles as a heat source - but the more he encroaches on my lap the less able I am to web-surf or even read (as I have to hold the book at an odd angle to avoid annoying the cat).

I'm trying to think of ways to improve in the next year, including being more proactive about regular maintenance on major household appliances (like furnaces!) - not that this would prevent unfortunate loss-of-heat at the most inconvenient time, but it'd help. Maintenance in general is a good thing: of my own health, of my house and yard, of friendships and family relationships... Maybe I'll spend some of new-year's-day making some prioritized lists to get myself moving.

But it's so comfortable in layers of warm clothing in the comfy-chair with the cat purring, and with a glass of wine at hand and some really good books singing to me from the nearby shelves... What's a person to do?

Best wishes to all for a happy new year, whatever you decide to do with it!

[I've posted about the lovely Jacquie Lawson e-cards before; here's a link to their New Year cards, with some dandy new ones in the mix ( ).]


jessibud 11 mos ago
it's -17C here in Toronto, with the wind chill making it feel like -27C (so says Environment Canada weather). Thankfully, my house is toasty warm at the moment and I just got up off the couch fter binge watching another 2 episodes of Call the Midwife. I had not watched it before and borrowed Season One from the library. Then season 2. I will finish season 3 tomorrow and have already ordered season 4. The cat was on my lap as well but has now moved back to the bedroom.

I will spend part of tomorrow making my book lists for the new year and filling my baskets. I participate in a few reading challenges over on Library Thing and like to select the books I plan to read and place them in a basket. All those great intentions, and anticipation. Sadly, the 2017 basket hasn't yet been emptied but I always start the year with optimism. I did read more books this year than I ever have so there is that!


It is +12C, which is unusuall for this time of year, and raining a lot.
I haven't made any big 'change of plans' for the next year. I'll be happy if I can do the things I want to do.
I wish you all the best and good health for the next year.


It's just after 10pm on New Years Eve here in Oz. We are at home as our party hosts had to cancel yesterday morning as they both came down with a nasty gastro bug.
So sitting at home watching TV, surfing the web, eating Christmas chocs. It's bliss!


So sitting at home watching TV, surfing the web, eating Christmas chocs. It's bliss!

That does sound blissful, though I'm sorry your party hosts fell ill.


That does sound blissful, though I'm sorry your party hosts fell ill.

Yes it was unfortunate, they had been visiting relatives interstate for Christmas when the bug went through the entire family group one by one. So instead of being able to just get better they had to travel back home (four hour drive) and let all the party guests know they were unwell.

I ended up going to bed before 11pm, too tired to stay up for the fireworks. My plans for 2018 include getting more sleep. :-)


wingPenthesiliawing 11 mos ago
I hope.. see many smiles everyday...


I hope you get your wish -I'm smiling at you now-happy new year.


Here are some stunning cakes from the "New Year Resolution" post on Cake Wrecks:

The detail is amazing - that typewriter one, the heap-of-vegetables, the charming garden...

[It's about 10:30 AM on New Year's Eve day; the space heaters are keeping the room at around 63F, and I'm swathed in a robe while having my coffee, doing some web-surfing, and enjoying the annual "Twilight Zone" marathon (even though I know the episodes by heart at this point). Raffles is snoozing in his cat-tree, ignoring the birds clustering around the freshly-loaded feeders out in the snowy/icy/frosty 8F/-13C day... I hope to get myself moving soon, to drop off a last set of release-challenge books and maybe grab a geocache - there's a special souvenir for finding one on the last day of 2017, and another for the first day of 2018 ( ). But it is awfully cold out there - hard to focus on finding a cache when my hands and face are going numb. We shall see!]


I have an interview on Thursday, so off to a positive start. After reading Gory Details post, I need to keep on top of my home maintenance too. I really have neglected everything house related.


Wow, sorry about your furnace! I always dread that happening on a weekend holiday.

I'll join those who say they'll do better at home maintenance in 2018. I'll call a professional whenever one of two vital things goes wrong: plumbing or heat. However, I have been needing electrical upgrades, new doors and windows, retaining wall repairs, and (worst of all) a new floor for a long time. I keep putting off arranging to get those things fixed -- as a confirmed introvert, I just hate having strangers in the house for hours. Plumbers were here two weeks ago from 9 am to 1 pm and while they were here I couldn't do any chores that needed water, naturally. It was too cold to work in the yard, so I just read the entire time.

Did you go on your geocache hunt, GoryDetails?

Best wishes for your interview, earthcaroleanne!


Did you go on your geocache hunt, GoryDetails?

Yes, I did - found an ice-encased micro at a non-scenic but handy parking lot, and while I had to chisel it free with a screwdriver and replace the frozen-solid wad that the original log had turned into with some paper of my own, I was able to log it. So I got the end-of-year souvenir, and didn't get frostbite {wry grin}. Now to hope I can find another cache tomorrow!



I need a new roof. Or more pots and wastebaskets.



I need a new roof.

Me too; mine's well past its warranty date, which indicates how long I've been in the same house, as I remember having the (then) new roofing installed. But it's impossible to do right now, so at least I can put that off a few months in good conscience! (But I should schedule some estimates well in advance. Hmmm. Things to do...)


We just got a new roof last month! We had a steel roof put on, and they did the whole job in about 24 hours! It's more expensive, but you never have to worry about it again - I think the guarantee is some thing like 50 years. Also, they don't have to take off the old shingles, so they don't end up in a landfill (not to mention all over your lawn). We actually booked it over the summer, but they were too busy to do it til now, so book *early*.


being more proactive about regular maintenance on major household appliances (like furnaces!) - not that this would prevent unfortunate loss-of-heat at the most inconvenient time, but it'd help.

Well, it could. If you'd known in, say, October that the furnace was in bad shape, you could have replaced in then!

mojosmom, whose condo association will be replacing the boiler next spring


It's been a dream of mine for around 3 years now, but renting off my folks and them needing to sell their house because it's all being developed... well, it's not going to plan. I can't get a home loan (no bank will give a pensioner that much money - it's just not going to happen) and my Dad keeps using that fact that he's no longer working to keep me where I am.

But I need an art studio to work on new work, to store my art gear and to get in and keep the place I live in tidy. Without the 3rd bedroom I'm looking for, my place will always look unkempt.

So, I've set a deadline to move by this Christmas... if not, I'll have to talk to other family members about this. It's not going to be a nice thing.

Otherwise, onto my personal goals:

Paint enough paintings at art class to score myself an exhibition.
Publish a book through my own means - or better still get a grant for it.
Work as a Life Model at an art school (something in the works I'm hoping).
Keep on decluttering my home and donating to the less fortunate.
Keep on volunteering my time to an art gallery or charity of my choice.
Fix up my garden again... after the council destroyed my lawn, it really needs work, it looks horrible.

I'm in favor of most of those, though I don't really need longer parties - the usual length is fine!


I'm with you on the parties. I also have no wish to see more sunrises though; morning holds no interest for me.

Several of the others I feel I'm already pretty much OK on. I actually don't feel like I get unnecessarily angry much anymore, for example. Some significant things deserve anger.

I don't plan to try all of the suggestions - and I think that the one about watching 6 episodes of a series you don't think you'll like is a bit excessive; it's rare for me to decide I actually do like something if it hasn't clicked within the first two or three episodes. (Though sometimes it's a second-season opener that grabs me...) But in general I liked the ideas, which include reading suggestions and reaching out fandom-wise.


Most of Jen's list aren't my thing. HOWEVER, her Jawa cosplay costume sure is!!



Not bc'd any books for years and only read 6 books last year. I have had a career change leaving real estate in March and have returned to teaching (as a substitute/relief/supply teacher). This gives me a lot more time on my hands although I dedicate a lot of that time to improving my golf game which I am passionate about. I have set myself a goal of reading 20 books in 2018 and am off to Perth tomorrow in Australia for 10 blissful days of lying by a pool with some books.

I am going through all my unread books and wondering:

a. how many books to take...and

b. which ones to take

Perhaps you can help me decide?

Michael Connelly "Two Kinds of Truth" (non-negotiable)
John Fowles "Daniel Martin" (my favourite author but will I want high brow lit-fic on my hols?)
"Grit" by Angela Duckworth (a self help book that looks very promising)
"Conclave" by Robber Harris (my favourite populist author and am a third way through this)
Miss Smelias Feeling For Snow (supposedly an excellent read)
Jimmy Connor's autobiography
Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie (bookray sent to me ions ago-set in Africa).

Think I'll probably manage 4 books but which ones?

Have a great year ahead!



Sorry Fuzwuz, read this too late to provide any advice, but I hope your holiday is fantastic!


Thank you Rosie! I'm in Perth- just out of the oven. I have read the Harris and Jimmy Connors a/b and have now started the Connelly book. Hope you are enjoying your summer 😁


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