15 years at Bookcrossing

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And so many changes. Hi to any of the old gang, welcome to all of the new gang. Keep on freeing those books!


Happy Bookiversary.


Many years of BC, and may it continue :)


Happy anniversary!


Congrats! Happy bookiversary.


and many more :-)



wingNu-Kneeswing 11 mos ago
Here's to another 15 . . . .


to the pile. Nice to see you here!


Well done! And well done BookCrossing.com. It's the hard work and sacrifice of those behind the scenes who keep this thing running. Several times I thought the end was close, but somehow it survives.

Fifteen years! In all that time, what a lot of books have been shared, friendships made - even children born because of BookCrossing. I know of at least four human beings who owe their existence to this site.


that's quite a milestone! so glad to have been here to see many of those years with you


Glad you're sit a part of the Bookcrossing community! I celebrate my 10 year milestone here on Bookcrossing earlier this year.


wingBadgerjimwing 10 mos ago
Wishing you many more books and years.






Wow, congratulations! That's a long time.





Congratulations to you!๐Ÿ‘


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