xkcd comic on graphic designers taking over the country...

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...and trying to re-draw the state borders:


I've enjoyed several books about how the states came to be, and some about states that didn't last or never were: Lost States ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11915385/ ), and I got a kick out of the cartoon's take on things.


I'd be in favor of some of those moves, but NOT enlarging Delaware!!

Our small size is one of our strengths.


Haha, as a GIS analyst I love cartographic cartoons! Thanks for sharing!

I'd like to see what the graphic designers would do with Virginia's county map! Here in VA, some cities can decide to not be part of a county and be their own entity, or whatever it's called. So, when you look at a county map of VA, there are holes in the map!

Have you ever watched the show: How the States Got Their Shapes? Entertaining and interesting to watch. The host was formerly a Daily Show corespondent.


Covert 1 yr ago
State shapes
I love learning this stuff - thank you!


Maybe they should use graphic designers to combat gerrymandering.


Maybe they should use graphic designers to combat gerrymandering.

I second this suggestion!


Looks neater. I think visually that could apply for many states/countries and the like.
Panhandle...learnt something.


Covert 1 yr ago
What did you learn? Share it! :)


What did you learn? Share it! :)

I have vaguely heard the word, Panhandle (I think), but didn't know that it meant a long strip of land, as shown on the map.


Ah. I see. I don't think you have any significant panhandles in your geography, do you? So that would make sense.
I suspect we learn the work in grade school (I've actually forgotten) when we're studying all the states and have to recognize them. Since both Florida and Oklahoma have really noticeable panhandles, I think we learn it then.
Idaho doesn't count because everything would spill out of the pan. :)


..and in many cases quite reasonable, as if political geography were anything of the sort. :p

For some reason, I love the "good curve" comment.


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