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I got an email that my BookCrossing supplies shipped. I’m so excited! It says it will ship in 21 days but I’m hoping it’s sooner. I’m anxious to get started. So much so that I planned where I want to bring my books with each one having a post it with the location I will bring it.


jessibud 1 yr ago
Beware: this site (and hobby) is addictive! Have fun


i see you're from Bedminster, NJ. Please swing by Trump's golf club and tell him I said he's a son of a bitch.


LOL! Staxman, where do we form a line?


LOL! Staxman, where do we form a line?

Yeah, lol!


Covert 1 yr ago


Yay, Staxman! We feel the same way in The Great White North. Our PM is grimacing his way through meetings with Trump right now.....


I easily forget the excitement of crossing, doing it for so long already!


I am also impatiently waiting for my delivery from the supply store <3


wingFancyHorsewing 1 yr ago
Welcome to Bookcrossing, Egkrynicky! I hope you get your supplies soon, and will enjoy using the site. I've been here 15 years and still enjoying it. :-)


...thread here re: BC supplies

I’m (unashamedly) plugging this seeing as its for a great cause ;)

***Welcome to BookCrossing Egkrynicky***


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