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Wow... I just spent the last hour setting up my new LiveJournal page... yikes! I'm already online enough with BookCrossing, but now there'll be no tearing me away from the computer!



Welcome, is your id there the same as here? Mine there is firstnoel (no hyphen)


Yes, my LJ id is dawni, same as here! I've added you to my friends list... this is too fun!



How many are doing it how do I add them to friends list on Live journal made entry;)


Also managed to get little picture...this is quite addictive and fun, that will leave me with even less time to read the the 50 books.



Yago... go to http://www.livejournal.com to check it out. I don't know a lot about it yet, but basically it allows you to set up your own little web site to post your thoughts etc. I signed up for the free one, and it offers me more than enough options. Very fun!



> it allows you to
> set up your own little web site to post your thoughts etc.

Ah, it's like a b·log then?




wow now all I have got to do is figure out how to make journal entries ...help


I've added you to my friends list too! :)

To make a journal entry - make you're logged in to LJ, then on the top menu click on Journal, Update... that will allow you to make a journal entry.



> wow now all I have got to do is figure out
> how to make journal entries ...help

at the very top of your info page theres a tab that says JOURNAL. click that then click update underneath that.


when you're logged in, on your profile page, you'll see up at the top MANAGE, hover over than, then click FRIENDS You'll get an option on the page to EDIT FRIENDS. You'll have a list of people who have YOU listed as a friend. YOu can just click the box next to their name and hit the "add as friend" box. Then when you click on your "Friends" link, alll of our posts will pop up.



First-Noel 17 yrs ago
Friend list
My friend list is a healthy 17 now. YaY. I've actually had this journal for about 3 years now but abandoned it for a year or so. I went through and "cleaned" it up though so I can start fresh without my embarassing past. :0) Not so embarassing as really young sounding. You can mature alot in 2 years. (but not too much I hope)


But I can,t be sure so if I have not will you I will catch up with everyone promise. Not even manage to get picture on page yet sure I will later.



Ok, so we all do the same here, for example, or in other forums we're members of, but a journal online... to me, a journal is a place where you write those things that are very personal and somewhat scary (intense). So you write them down as a way of exorcising them and then close the journal for another year or so. At least that's what I do with my journal - a safety valve where I write the thoughts that are not to be voiced.
I only use my diary once in a blue moon, and it's an interesting thing to reread previous entries, because by the time I open the diary again they are outdated and whatever was torturing my soul is only a weak memory. Oh, and I never fail to feel ridiculously naive.
Maybe I ought to start keeping a more orthodox journal, but even then I ouldn't do it online - what if someone I knew in real life read it? I am already too guilty of wearing my heart in my sleeve - I'd hate to overdo it ;)


Although I'm still new to LiveJournal, I suspect that most of what I'll be posting there is at the same level as what I'm comfortable with posting here. I haven't explored the options fully, but I seem to remember that you can mark a journal entry as "private", so no one else can read it - which is what I imagine I'd do if an entry got away from me and became more personal than I was comfortable sharing with the rest of the world. :)



I can only speak for Live Journal, but I imagine other web logs are similar. It has several levels of privacy.

Public, any bozo browsing your page can read it. This is were I post humorous annectodes of my kids, random thoughts of the day, political rants and goofy quizzes.

Friends: The post is resticted to the people you have on you're friends list. YOu have the ability to filter your friends list and make subgroups, so you can lock it to only certain friends; say those you know personally vs those e-pals you've never met.

Private: only you can see it, and only when you're logged in. This is the more personal stuff that you might be exorcising. Stuff you want to get out, but don't necessicarily want others to read.

Anything that might get me in trouble should the site be hacked, I keep off line anyway. :)

Shen - who will generally ramble her life stories to strangers anyway.


No. I very rarely share much info. I'm an introvert, and I can only express my inner thoughts really through another voice. It's a technique I use when writing poetry; create a character, and speak through it. Much of my fiction is like that as well. Someone told me that Robert Browning worked that way as well (he's one of my favorite poets), and from I've read about him, it appears to be true.

who could never be as good as Browning, but tries the best she can to write honestly...


I'm a card-carrying introvert too. I've also been putting my thoughts on life, the universe and everything online since 1996. I keep the very personal stuff personal and to myself, or write something like a poem. I find it easier to express myself in writing than I ever do in the real world, unless I'm with a group of friends I'm very comfortable with.

I won't be putting the deep and innermost feelings online, but it's just another dimension for me, another outlet. I like blathering on about the stuff I do.


so I signed up too! ;-) I'm texaswren there, but I don't have any IM or anything set up on this computer. I'm always ready for a new challenge, so this should be interesting.


Yay TW! Added you to my friends list. :)



User name: atenea-nike (duh). let's see what comes out of it....


Yay! I "friended" you. :)



And have also become totally addicted! Mine is tabulous.

> I'm a card-carrying introvert too. I've also been putting my
> thoughts on life, the universe and everything online since
> 1996. I keep the very personal stuff personal and to myself,
> or write something like a poem. I find it easier to express
> myself in writing than I ever do in the real world, unless I'm
> with a group of friends I'm very comfortable with.

I know this is completely morbid and paranoid. But I've never felt comfortable keeping a regular journal just lying around. I sort of had this fear of dying and having all my personal thoughts read by whoever cleans out my stuff. How could I express things fully, like maybe anger at a loved one after a misunderstanding, knowing that life is short, and that could be the last thing they hear from me.
I feel much more comfortable with the online version. I will be able to go back in a few years and see how I've changed, but keep it far more private than any other method I've thought of.


My journal is friends only - not open for anyone to read. I tend to just write about stuff going on in my life, issues, articles I have written etc. I occasionally post stuff that is very personal. When I do, I get feedback and support from my Friends. Its a good thing. Also, its a good way for me to keep in touch with my online buds and interact thru their journals.


Oh crap.

Also joined. Eep.

Name is also "n8an." (I love that no one else ever thinks of that. It means I'm strange).



Btw, if anyone wants to add me, my handle there is rubbergirl.
Be warned, broadminded people ONLY.


Shendoah 17 yrs ago
oh goody!
you're one of my favorite posters here. I'm sure to love your journal. :)

Shen -- off to find the life and times of N8an


N8an 17 yrs ago
Re: oh goody!
I think I added everyone... if you added me, I'll check again when I get home... LOL. Man, am I ever having a sluggish morning. I've slept all weekend, why am I not refreshed?



Shendoah 17 yrs ago
Ok, in the past 10 hours I've upped my friends list from 5 to 20.

Shen- thank god I found the filter for my friends list.....


OK, I joined..Am I going to get any friends? LOL
I added Shen, Dawni, N8an...and that is all I could find.
Good Luck to me!!!


MissTree 17 yrs ago
I joined too! My sn is misstreebc is yours still dawnmomoffour? I'd like to add you too!


Yes ma'am it is. Please do add me. I am still lost...but getting used to some things. I hate that I have to click back to the home page to go to the friends. I keep getting lost LOL
Oh well..I'm sure I'll figure it out one day heh heh
-Dawn (off to add misstreebc to friends list!)



I've been playing around with it for probably and hour and a half to two hours now! What fun! :-)

It's especially fun to see such familiar names and people in a whole new setting! :-)

Good to see you there among them!


I'm playing with livejournal and there are so many decisions I have to make! Choosing a title for the journal, a subtitle, a list of hobbies, a profile.... uff! The easy part is finding my bc friends and adding them to my list :) (somebody add me, please, or I'll feel like a pariah ;) )


When you're logged in, click your user info link, it'll list everyone who has you on their friends list.




You folks have taken over my friends list on LJ! Ack! I have to figure out the filter thing.

My name there is Tzurriz as well, and I talk about just about everything on my journal. You'll read way too much about me. I have this nasty tendancy of never shutting up, and I adore my LJ.


My friends list just increased by 1/3.


Shendoah 17 yrs ago
when logged in go to manage -> friends. use the "create subgroups" option and create subgroups. I've got several now. One for BCers, one for my freinds I know personally etc. (You can lock to those specific groups to. On your privacy setting when posting, choose custom and your subgroups will pop up.) Then to filter your friends posting, go to manage->friends, filter. Choose one, and on your friends posting page, only those posts will pop up. Then filter again for a different subgroup. the only annoying part is to have to keep going back to choose a different filter. If you just click friends, all of them will show up.

Shen--FOund that last night, thank god.


dawni 17 yrs ago
Re: Filters
Cool... I'll have to remember that! (Although at this point, all my LJ friends are BookCrossers anyway, so no need to sort/filter them!)



Well crud...I got sucked in to LiveJournal, too. I haven't done anything other than set up my account, but I think need some friends. Anyone? Unfortunately, softdrink was taken (the nerve!), so I'm fizzybeverage (hey, it was the best I could come up with...sodapop was taken, too).


I "friended" you too! :) This is fun!



can I list everyone as friends too? I'm still wareagle78 in LJ.

I'm SURE this will only take a few minutes a day, right? RIGHT? Does anyone else gasp after being on Bookcrossing for "just a little while" and realizing that you just spent XXX hours online?


But it's not letting me. It's telling me to see errors below, but then there's no explanation of what I'm doing wrong under anything. Anyone wanna try to help?


I had an error message the first time I tried, too... turns out I had forgotten to check the box under the terms of use (or whatever their agreement is called). Maybe you could try that?



I had password errors - apparantly it doesn't like passwords that can be found in the dictionary.


I did check the little box, yes...
And my password is a combination of letters that no one would even understand... so I don't htink it's that.
I'm going to go re-try signing up... maybe it didn't like the letters I put in to prove I'm not a robot. I couldn't tell if it was a l or an i.


I don't think it likes short passwords, either. My first one was only 4 letters...it made me try again.


jazzy7112 17 yrs ago
got it!
Finally! I just closed down the window and started all over again. I'm not jazzy7112 on the site. :)
I also have a blog... http://freakyme.blogspot.com
I'm going to add everyone. :)


jazzy7112 17 yrs ago
I meant to say I'm NOW jazzy7112 on the site.


If you're having trouble reading the letters in the verification box, I think there is an audio option next to the box that you can use instead. Good luck!


I signed up to--looks like a lot of fun.
My name on there is Seferim also :)


mojosmom 17 yrs ago
Damnit Shen!!
Yeah, mojosmom there, too.

If you don't see me on the forums, you know where I'll be!


> Yeah, mojosmom there, too. If you don't
> see me on the forums, you know where I'll
> be!

So far I don't think it has made much of a dent in the Chit-Chat posting volume. 300+ messages in the last day so far.


It's fun to bounce around by interest... Sheesh,... where did the DAY go???!!!
I'm "busybooklover" there too. ALthough I was almost busyboklover---My typing SUCKS!


LOL... I'm so sorry! But it really is rather fun! :) (Oh yeah, and I "friended" you too!)



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