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I tried to release some books in the wild in a zone in Dublin, Ireland. The area (Mount Merrion) is registered but there’s no release zones (e.g Deer Park, Free Little Library, Union cafe etc) in the options and it won’t let me release. What am I doing wrong?


You might not be doing anything wrong. There may not have been any books released there before so you will be the first. Click on the button that says add a zone and fill in what information you can. When you are finished it may still not show up in the options but if you try to go to the next page in the release process the site will give you an error and when you go back your new crossing zone should show up.

Hope this helps.


Thank you! I was doing this and the error was coming up and I was then starting everything again and not seeing anything! I’ll try going back and see if the zone adds. It’s a spot I go to often and I’ve been outing off releasing books there because I couldn’t figure it out!

Thank you for taking the time to help!


Thank you for taking the time to help!

You are very welcome.


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