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Hi- I have already registered a book and released it into the wild. I then ordered some pre-numbered labels and am currently trying to do a journal entry for 2 additional books but the database isn't recognizing any of my ISBN numbers... In addition if I press the "skip" and manually enter all my information and submit, there is a little yellow bat at the tip of my screen that says something along the lines as "we are unable to process your request- please try again later"... HELP!!


Hi. Sounds like you've run into the ongoing book-search problem. There seems to be a window of time each day when the search does work, though even then it's with some limitations. When the lookup isn't working I do use the "skip search", but while I don't have any problems with that, I have heard reports from others of the same error message you describe. You might try going directly to the "skip search" page, and then enter all the fields *except* for the ISBN; if that works and you get your book registered, you can then go in and use the "edit book details" link to add the ISBN. [Side note: If you're entering the ISBN with hyphens, that may be part of the problem; try entering just the digits and see if that works. But if that doesn't help, use the "leave ISBN blank and fix it later" method I described.]

As of now, my experience has been that the search feature works from roughly 10 AM Eastern time to 6 PM (that's 3 PM UTC to 11 PM UTC). When registering books during that window, I use the search feature with the source set to "Google", and I use the book's title and author instead of an ISBN - for example, I'd enter "Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte" instead of the book's ISBN. That seems to work best, though I have sometimes been able to get the lookup to work using ISBNs as in the good old days.

If I register books via "skip search" and they wind up with no cover-pics, I'll go back during "search is working" hours and use the "update cover" link for each book to try and retrieve a cover. You can do that, or leave them blank, or find suitable cover images and upload them manually, whatever works best for you.

The problem's been around for quite some time now, and I don't know if there's a fix likely. It is a headache, but I've found the above workarounds useful. Hope that helps!


I really appreciate your time and response. I will give this a try and hope that it works. Thank you!


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