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girlgeniusAJ 6 mos ago
When I search for a book, there is a place that shows me who's looking for that book, but how do I get myself on that list? I've tried everything!


Hi! If you're asking how to add books to your wishlist, it is a bit tricky at first.

The global-overview pages all have an "add to wishlist" button on them, so if you can find BC copies of the books you want, click on the "global overview" link or icon and then on the "add to wishlist" button.

Once you have a wishlist, you can add wishes directly, even for books that aren't listed on BC yet; view your wishlist from the listbox in the upper right corner of your profile page, click on the "add new title" button, and fill in the fields. [That button doesn't appear unless there's at least one wish on the list already, so you will have to start with the global-overview method.]

Hope that helps!


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