[Answered] Releasing books in restricted/staff only area?

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I am thinking of releasing some books into the staff area where I work. (I work for the railway, so these would be the restricted areas of train stations.) There are already 'communal' bookshelves in the staff areas.
I think it should be a wild release, like this one which gives the location but specifies the area is not accessible to the public: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11617190
Is this a good way to do it? Any other suggestions?


Definitely a wild release as although you’re releasing in a somewhat “controlled area”, you don’t know exactly who may be the individual to “catch” a book you’ve released there.
As with the link you provided, state that it’s release in a restricted area, which will tell people actively hunting in your area that it is somewhat inaccessible, so they don’t make a wasted trip.
Hope this helps.


I'd handle it that way too - a wild release, with an explanation that the area is only accessible to staff.

If you're creating a new release zone, you can include the basic info there: "MyRailroad Staff Room book-swap shelf" or "MyRailroad book swap (staff only)" or something along those lines.


Is this a good way to do it

Looks good to me. Good luck on catches!


I'd release to the general site, but then add Staff Room, in the notes.
If you release to a separate zone, the restricted area becomes obsolete, when you change jobs.
*You might want to release to the public areas.


I've released books into my staff room and although they've disappeared I've not received any journal entries. Therefore I made them wild releases because if my colleagues won't make release notes, maybe someone else will in future.


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Ha Ha, I like the photograph of your cat with the watching bow tie.

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