[Resolved] Changing book cover - correcting my error

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In the middle of registering a number of books I stupidly managed to upload the wrong cover picture to https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15444314 and however many times I try it will not now accept the correct image. Is there any way we can correct this please?
Thank you!


Hi! Yeah, there are some weirdnesses regarding the photos; I think part of it has to do with the photos residing on a different server, and sometimes it takes a while for a change to be transferred to the regular database. But that's if you uploaded an image yourself; if you found an image via the site's cover-lookup, and if the lookup also shows the correct image, you should be able to select that one and have it override the first. (If the correct cover does not appear in the site's lookup list, you could find an image elsewhere or take a photo of your book, and use the upload-image feature to force the new image. That should work, but if you've tried that and still aren't seeing the new image... maybe just wait a day or two and hope the databases catch up?)

If none of that helps, you could upload the correct image to your first JE, and make a comment to the effect that the book has that cover and not the one that's shown.

Oh, and fyi - you shouldn't post the full BCID when you're referring to a BC book; that leaves the book vulnerable to bogus JEs or even to spam. All you need is the public part of the BCID, the bit following the hyphen, or the link to the book itself:



I've come back to it today and it's now showing the correct picture, so all solved. Obviously a glitch!


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