All Quiet on the Western Front

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What a shame that worldbooknight has registered probably 1000s of copies of All Quiet on the Western Front with a typo in the author's name... I don't suppose there's an easy way to have it corrected is there? Here's my copy:


Well spotted! I checked my own shelf to see if I'd made the same mistake, but as it happens my only copy of that book was registered by someone else, who got it right.

I did a search on "Enrich Maria" and found over 40,000 registered books using that spelling, most (though not all) of them from the World Book Night books. So then I Googled the author to see if that might be a valid alternate spelling of his name. Apparently it isn't, but it *is* a very common misspelling on many other web sites. No idea where it started - possibly a typo in the Amazon database, which would have caused the old book-lookup to use that as the default spelling - but the only manageable way to fix it would be a direct database search-and-replace; I shudder to think how long it would take to edit the book details of 40,000 entries one by one! [And since the misspelling does seem to be widespread, it's possible that newly-registered copies might re-introduce the problem.]

You can, if you want, edit your original post to correct "Al" to "All" {wry grin}. (There must be some kind of law that whenever one comments about a typo, there's another typo in the message!)


... and have asked Ardik whether it's possible for him to correct the others. I had to laugh though... you misspelled the title in your post, which confused me for a moment because I thought that was the mistake that needed correction!


Oh thank you and yes I actually just spotted that (and corrected it!) just the second before I came to see whether I had a reply!!!


I actually just spotted that (and corrected it!) just the second before I came to see whether I had a reply!!!

But it still reads 'Al Quiet on the Western Front'... what was it before?


Oh gosh I read it too quickly and thought it was referring to another typo where I had misspelt his first time in my profile page! I don't do typos all that often... this one is jinxed, clearly!



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