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This has probably been asked a lot of timess
So I made a supply store order yesterday, and have ordered 12 pre numbered labels. I'm just wondering how would I go about putting a book to that pre number. Do I just type that number into the journal a book search bar?


And how you arrive at the 'make a journal entry' page doesn't matter. The method you're proposing works fine.


Thank you moem :) it's just the first time I've ordered pre numbered labels and just wanted to check


"NOTE! If you printed pre-numbered labels, you already have a BCID number for your book, so you should not register the book here. Instead, you should make a journal entry and/or release notes on the book."

It says "if you printed" but the same is true if you order pre-numbered. You register with a JE. If you register the book instead, it will give you a new number, not the one on your label.

I only use pre-numbered. They are so much faster for me. And no one has to read my handwriting!


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